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CheapAir transfers bitcoin payments to Bitpay due to changes in Coinbase policy

Collaboration with Coinbase came to an end.

24.Apr.18 7:58 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


CheapAir transfers bitcoin payments to Bitpay due to changes in Coinbase policy
According to the information portal, one of the primary services for online booking of air tickets terminates its partnership with the biting exchange Coinbase regarding handling cryptocurrency payments. Most likely, CheapAir will turn to another large broker - the Bitpay site.

The reason for the breakdown of the partnership was the fact that Coinbase announced that it refused to support "custodian" solutions for sellers, and also that soon it would eliminate some of the tools and functional solutions that the CheapAir service used to accept payment from its users. It is essential for the company to be able to convert bitcoins into currency because it is mainly taken for pay for its services by air carriers and the hotel business.

It is reported that partner work with the BitPay site has already been established, but the management of the reservation service notes that the reception of the cryptocurrency will probably take place with some rough edges. This is explained by the fact that BitPay does not support purses compatible with the payment protocol BIP-70. Also in the guide, CheapAir reported that soon they would begin to accept in payment for the services provided digital currencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Litecoin.

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