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Chairman of SBI Holdings: Ripple is the next global standard for cryptocurrency

He said this during a major conference in Japan.

01.Jul.18 9:22 PM
By Aliñe Brownnoser


Chairman of SBI Holdings: Ripple is the next global standard for cryptocurrency
While the vote of confidence that the State Bank of India (SBI) passes through Ripple (XRP), creates an opportunity for blocking technology that is particularly successful in Asia, especially in India, SBI Group CEO and SBI Holding Chairman Yishitaka Kitao. spoke at the seminar "Japanese Block Conference", which was held on June 27. He expressed his belief that the technology will support the trend of rapid growth and optimize the global financial system, reports Ethereum World News.

Mr. Kitao added that due to the efficiency and professionalism of the Ripple XRP tool, financial operations are performed without problems, creating a more efficient crypto world. At the same time, problems with cross-border transactions are resolved, as the tool simulates an ecosystem for banks that facilitate convenient and convenient transaction corridors at low cost for a limited time.

Then Kitao noted that XRP is the only tool with a "time-tested" solution that can help increase banking operations and operations.

"After studying the market, Ripple was the only company that supplied time-proven solutions for businesses and the global client appeal of the bank, including commercial transactions with the largest banks already signed in the Asia-Pacific region. Distributed financial technology, undoubtedly, transforms the financial infrastructure, and we are glad that it was accepted throughout Asia, "Kitao said.

At the session, at least 10,000 people were also present, discussing issues related to the cryptocurrency market, projects, growth, regulation, and investments in the sector. Among the participants were such guests as co-founder Ethereum and the creator of Cardano Charles Hoskinson, CEO of, Roger Ver, and others.

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