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CEOs of Canadian oil companies meet to determine future of industry

Around 150 CEOs of oil and gas companies met to plot development scenario of Canadian energy.

10.Jun.16 5:56 AM
By Anastasia Sutulova


CEOs of Canadian oil companies meet to determine future of industry
Heads of the companies discussed their frustration about being fooled by the Canadian government which, as they believe, conceals the true potential and the real cost of the renewable energy. This time, companies talked not only about the advantages of the renewables, but also about their impact on the industry.

While conflicts between the private sector and the government escalate, the fact that the meeting was held is also a sign of the growing credibility gap between the companies. There are those that support governmental initiatives regarding climate change and those that do not. Consequently, last-mentioned appear to be the most worried about the consequences of the environmental policy.

Many attempts were made to “change the conversation” between private companies, government and environmentalists. Nevertheless, the situation only got worst with environmental movement influencing the government even more.

It is not clear if the CEOs managed to come to any agreement as the details of the meeting are sketchy because participants agreed to keep the discussions confidential for now.

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