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Capitalization of Nintendo has fallen by $2 billion after the Super Mario Run is released

Shares of the Nintendo went down by 5,6% on the trading in Tokyo in the morning on 16 December. Thus the capitalization has lost $2 billion, according to Bloomberg.

16.Dec.16 10:44 AM
By Anna Tuzova


Capitalization of Nintendo has fallen by $2 billion after the Super Mario Run is released
The company that helped develop, DeNA Co.’s shares went down by 7,9%, as pointed out by Bloomberg. At the same time the most work of establishing game was done by Nintendo.

According to SencorTower Research Company, the Super Mario Run was on the top of the most downloaded games in 62 countries soon after the release. At the same time the highest rate of funding received it got only in 5 countries. The Super Mario Run offers to play for free few first levels, but the full version costs $9,99. 

“I wouldn't be surprised if players choose to see how much enjoyment they can wring out of those first three levels as possible before making the decision to drop US$10”, said head of mobile insights at SensorTower. Iwai Cosmo Securities Co analyst Tomoaki Kawasaki added, that the fixed price means conscious limiting of the developer’s income, as most of money mobile games’ creators get from internal transactions.

To be reminded, Nintendo stocks have grown since the early 2016 by over 50%, including the success after the Pokemon Go release, according to Financial Times. The main question is would Super Mario Run become as popular as Pokemon Go.

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