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Capgemini SA: Millionaires are investing more and more in cryptocurrencies

Interest is growing - investments are also increasing.

20.Jun.18 2:02 AM
By Johnatan Toadlicker


Capgemini SA: Millionaires are investing more and more in cryptocurrencies
The annual survey of Capgemini SA called the World Wealth Report says that wealthy businesspeople are showing increasing interest in crypto-currencies. 29% of study participants, who are dollar millionaires, admitted that their interest in this topic is high.

Young businesspeople are especially supportive of cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurs are more cautious about this phenomenon than 60: 71% against 13%.

According to calculations by Capgemini SA, today investments in cryptocurrencies have reached an unprecedentedly high level.

Besides, the total state of dollar millionaires for the first time exceeded $ 70 trillion. Over the past year, their number increased by 10.6%. Three-fourths of the rich are residents of North America and the Asia-Pacific region.

So, in the US will live more than 5 and a half million people, whose condition is estimated at a million dollars or more. 6, 18 million of these live in the APR, 4.83 million - in Europe. There are 170 thousand millionaires to the whole of Africa, 600 thousand to Latin America, 660 thousand to the Middle East.

Speaking of specific countries, the richest of millionaires are the USA, Germany, Japan, and China.

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