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At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

Caf for Cats Opened in Russian Capitol

People may bring their fluffy friends to this caf.

07.Apr.15 10:27 AM
By Anna Nekrasova


Caf for Cats Opened in Russian Capitol
New caf called Cats and People has been officially opened in Moscow on April 4. This is a unique establishment which has one very unusual feature. It welcomes not only people to spend time in a relaxing atmosphere and have a cup of coffee but also their beloved cats. This is the first caf of such type in the capitol of Russian federation.

According to available information provided by different social networks and official Facebook page of the caf it offers various options for its guests. Visitors will have a chance to communicate with other people who share their love to cats. At the same time here people can benefit from relaxing atmosphere and opportunity to wind down and read. In addition special zone for pets will also be provided. Their owners can accommodate their cats for some time while having a cup of coffee. Moreover caf has several own pets which can be taken home by any visitor who wishes to have a pet.

Visitors need to book tables in advance in case they want to spend time in such unique establishment. They can do it online filling in easy form or book table via phone.

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