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Bytedance cautiously steps into the hardware research

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17.Mar.21 7:43 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Bytedance cautiously steps into the hardware research
Bytedance, best known for its TikTok video sharing app, may extend its activities to silicon chips. The company has started recruiting staff for a possible step into the semiconductor industry.

The company posted a dozen job vacancies related to chips, including hardware and software engineers. A Bytedance spokesperson confirmed that the staff is recruiting in that area and that it is investigating various initiatives, including building server chips.

Bytedance, founded by Zhang Yiming, has become one of the most valuable start-ups in the world due to the success of TikTok and its domestic clone, Douyin. The company is currently valued at about 180 billion dollars. ByteDance is also reportedly investigating the possibility of an IPO in Hong Kong for a number of its companies, including Douyin.

By entering the chip market, Zhang bids on a sector that has become a top priority for Beijing. At the National People's Congress this month, the government promised to increase spending and stimulate research into advanced chips and artificial intelligence, in an effort to compete with the US.

Other Chinese tech companies also focus on chips, including Bytedance competitor Baidu, known for its search engine.

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