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By the end of April, 2017, Iran will launch gas production in 2 phases of South Pars

Until April 20, 2017 phase No. 17 and 18 of Iran's South Pars field will be fully put into commercial operation.

14.Apr.17 11:49 PM
By Christina Orlina


By the end of April, 2017, Iran will launch gas production in 2 phases of South Pars
As soon as the phases No. 17 and 18 will begin production of hydrocarbons on an industrial scale, the total volume of gas production will be 56 million m3/day. Currently, gas production is 46 million m3/day.

According to Iranian company of industrial management (IPMI), these phases in the national gas transportation network of Iran were delivered 15.5 billion m3 of gas from December 2014 to January 2015. Iran spent 8.1 billion dollars on the arrangement of phases Nos. 17 and 18.

The field is South Pars located in the Persian Gulf and contains about 8% of world gas reserves and approximately 18 billion barrels of gas condensate. Iran shares it with Qatar and is seeking to catch up with Qatar in terms of natural gas production.

Iran expects to achieve this by the end of the current Solar Hijri. By 20 March 2017 the gas production from the field exceeded 530 million m3/day. With the launch of 6 new platforms, gas production at South Pars will reach 600 million m3/day.

For the convenience of the development of the South Pars, Iran is divided into 29 phases.
In 2017 it is planned to run from 5 phases of the field - 17-21. In February, 2017 Iran launched phase 20.

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