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Traces of water found on Mars

At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

BUTIK increased sales by 50%

BUTIK's sales increased by 50% due to the competent adjustment of the advertising campaign.

01.Apr.18 9:40 PM


BUTIK increased sales by 50%
Online store and department store BUTIK today receives 1.5 times more buyers with an increased profitability of 86%. 7% of all sales pass through the contextual advertising account. This was influenced by the proper configuration of campaigns in Google AdWords and cooperation with MediaNation.

First, we analyzed the real advertising requests of users and changed the structure of the account. Having saved the budget, we launched campaigns corresponding to the link "brand + category + region".

Secondly, a special Google Merchant Center feed was created. Thanks to this, the number of ads served and the effectiveness of the PLA campaign has increased.

Thirdly, we conducted a detailed segmentation of the BUTIK audience.

Agency MediaNation helped to develop an advertising strategy taking into account the specifics of our business. We solved the main tasks - to buy relevant traffic and optimize the advertising budget.

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