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A small victory for financial regulators: what will happen to the crypto industry next?

The international program on combating cryptocurrency fraud started only a few days ago but has alre...

Blockchain business news

The demand for video cards has fallen sharply in the world
21.Jun.18 12:08 AM | 9

Mining is no longer profitable.

Nasdaq will launch a blockchan-based platform to fulfill collateral requirements
21.Jun.18 12:03 AM | 10

The platform will ensure execution of collateral requirements for margin trading.

On Twitter, the crypto-birzi Bithumb reported a hacker attack
20.Jun.18 11:58 AM | 12

The report said that scammers stole more than $ 30 million.

To conduct crypto-currency operations in Cambodia will have to obtain a license
20.Jun.18 11:34 AM | 18

The authorities intend to take control of actively growing trading.

The exchange of tokens starts at 800 million dollars
20.Jun.18 4:58 AM | 16

It will pass precisely 24 hours, starting today.

The South Korean regulator criticized the idea of ​​issuing a national crypto currency
19.Jun.18 8:08 AM | 24

Digital assets can adversely affect monetary policy.

In Australia, you can pay with crypto currency for tablets
19.Jun.18 7:52 AM | 22

More and more companies are accepting digital money.

Andy Android found the hidden miner
19.Jun.18 1:09 AM | 23

The virus was in the code of the emulator.

XBrick; Revolutionizing Crypto Trading Like Never Before
19.Jun.18 12:25 AM | 30

XBrick; Revolutionizing Crypto Trading Like Never Before

In Japan, funds received at the ICO, will be directed to the development of one of the villages
18.Jun.18 12:45 PM | 31

Local authorities decided to release tokens.

Venezuela will track all cryptocurrency transactions in the country
18.Jun.18 12:48 AM | 56

Through transactions, they will track smuggling.

Thai SEC intends to approve five ICOs
18.Jun.18 12:43 AM | 28

This step occurs against the backdrop of the coming into force of new laws on cryptocurrencies.

Exchange Coinbase abandoned the initiative tokenize its shares
15.Jun.18 10:52 AM | 32

Coinbase will not launch Swarm.

Officially: Bitcoin and Ethereum are not securities
15.Jun.18 10:39 AM | 30

The SEC decided on its position on these cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain will become an important part of the project for providing housing with renewable energy
15.Jun.18 5:42 AM | 34

Electricity should be enough for 500,000 homes.

Incorrect information in the blockchain can result in criminal prosecution
15.Jun.18 5:20 AM | 26

Lawmakers want to equate such actions with crimes.

In the App Store, you can not download applications for direct mining crypto
14.Jun.18 4:49 AM | 29

The development of such programs fell under the prohibition of Apple.

Russian lawmakers decided to rewrite draft norms on crypto-currencies
14.Jun.18 4:30 AM | 37

The terms "digital currency" and "digital money" are decided to be excluded from the documents.

Cryptocurrency wars: the head of Ripple said that China controls bitcoin
14.Jun.18 1:57 AM | 44

For this reason, it can not become a global currency.

The illegal mining of Monero enriched the intruders by almost $ 100 million
14.Jun.18 1:41 AM | 32

5% of the extracted Monero was the result of efforts by hackers.

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