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ICOs from A to Z

I got involved with ICOs at the very beginning of this industry, around 1.5 years ago. The market gr...

Blockchain business news

Banks unite to launch joint venture for Blockchain trading platform
18.Oct.17 7:50 AM | 8

A consortium of banks is planning to launch a joint business venture for its platform for its in-development blockchain commerce platform.

Sberbank joins the Enterprise Ethereum alliance
18.Oct.17 7:09 AM | 3

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance just welcomed its first Russian member.

Bitcoin cash approached $ 400
17.Oct.17 4:07 PM | 5

Supported by strong volumes from Asia, the price of bitcoin cash rose to a two-week high today.

Gates Foundation uses Ripple Interledger technology in mobile payments
16.Oct.17 4:13 PM | 5

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has released new open-source software for non-banking businesses that uses technology developed by distributed ledger startup Ripple.

Accenture has replaced the head of Blockchain innovation
16.Oct.17 8:46 AM | 25

The global giant of professional services Accenture has announced a new hiring of the executive branch as part of its work on developing cross-industry blockchain initiatives.

Russia will release “CryptoRuble”
15.Oct.17 11:27 AM | 14

Russian President Vladimir Putin has officially announced that Russia will release its own “Cryptoruble” at a closed door meeting in Moscow, local sources say.

Everyone is excited about Blockchain, but not Bitcoin
14.Oct.17 9:23 AM | 18

The president of the World Bank had several positive points to say about blockchain during a media appearance yesterday.

Nasdaq is staying away from ICOs
13.Oct.17 5:40 PM | 13

This week, the CEO of the global exchange operator Nasdaq said that her firm is steering clear of initial coin offerings (ICOs).

The price of Bitcoin rose to $ 5,800
13.Oct.17 9:14 AM | 23

The cost of a bitcoin reached a new record high of $ 5,856.10 at approximately 02:45 UTC this morning.

Bitcoin prices are pushed to new highs
12.Oct.17 10:32 AM | 14

Analysts are more confident than ever that Bitcoin will remain above $ 5,000 today, as prices continue to rise to new highs of $ 5,050.

DLT prototypes are developing for the Central Bank of Singapore
12.Oct.17 10:10 AM | 15

Accenture, a professional services company, announced that it was hired de facto by the central bank of Singapore to develop distributed ledger prototype systems for processing interbank payments.

Vinnik will go to Russia, not to the U.S.
11.Oct.17 8:35 AM | 12

The Greek court has upheld the request for the extradition of the alleged BTC-e operator Alexander Vinnik to Russia instead of the U.S.

Russian President Vladimir Putin considers the cryptocurrency to be a serious risk
11.Oct.17 4:27 AM | 15

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting that cryptocurrencies created serious risks associated with fraud and money laundering.

Ether is gaining momentum
10.Oct.17 4:55 PM | 13

The exchange rate "ether-US dollar" (ETH / USD) can expect to return part of its past momentum.

R3 teamed in another trade finance partnership
09.Oct.17 6:19 PM | 15

In its latest attempt to use distributed ledgers to modernize the paper-intensive business of trade finance, the R3 agreed to work with Bolero on the electronic bill of lading system.

France plans to issuing a position on ICOs
09.Oct.17 5:31 PM | 19

According to the regulator of domestic financial markets, France is rapidly moving towards the formulation of rules regarding token sales, or initial coin offerings.

IMF thinks about the release of international cryptocurrency
08.Oct.17 3:43 PM | 19

According to the Wall Street Journal, the world may soon receive international cryptocurrency in response to Bitcoin.

Australian Blockchain startup completes ICO
07.Oct.17 6:31 PM | 15

Australian blockchain startup Power Ledger has raised $ 34 million in initial coin offering (ICO).

Russia is dissatisfied with the decision to extradite the alleged Bitcoin money launderer
06.Oct.17 4:58 PM | 20

The Russian Foreign Ministry sharply criticized the decision of the Greek court to extradite Alexander Vinnik to the US for his alleged role in money laundering through the BTC-e bitcoin exchange.

Central Bank of Singapore plans to regulate payments in bitcoin
06.Oct.17 9:37 AM | 25

According to the minister for the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the central banking authority of the country, the institution is working to create a regulatory framework for bitcoin payments.

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