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Yuri Morozov, founder of Bubbletone Blockchain for Telecom: "With the help of the blockchain, we can change the entire global ecosystem of telecommunications"

An interview with Bubbletone Blockchain for Telecom founder, Yuri Morozov, whose company aims to rev...

Blockchain business news

In Europe, issued banknotes in denominations of zero euros
19.Apr.18 4:14 AM | 34

The banknotes depict a portrait of a philosopher.

Exports of aluminum "RUSAL" by "TransContainer" suspended
18.Apr.18 12:35 AM | 20

However, the contract remains in force.

How to protect money from inflation?
17.Apr.18 1:34 PM | 13

Effective ways to preserve and increase your capital.

Useful tips for beginners Forex
14.Apr.18 10:51 AM | 19

What you need to pay attention to achieve good results.

Chinese company Baidu launches stock photography service based on blockсhain technology
13.Apr.18 7:19 AM | 37

The new service should help protect intellectual property rights on images in China.

Ripple vs Bitcoin: The Leaders of Cryptocurrency Capitalization
12.Apr.18 11:52 PM | 29

The discussion on the fact whether Ripple is a cryptocurrency or not, continues until now. To answer this question properly, we will compare Ripple with the most famous and expensive coin Bitcoin.

According to analysts Merrill Lynch, bitcoin is the gigantic bubble in history, and it has already begun to burst
11.Apr.18 6:58 AM | 20

Bitcoin is an overvalued asset, and soon its rate will go down to a minimum.

Developers of Nano cryptocurrency have been sued
10.Apr.18 3:08 AM | 25

Organizers of the ICO are accused of negligence and violation of the law on securities.

Coinbase and Gemini vs Ripple
08.Apr.18 6:37 AM | 95

Ripple's tokens are comparable to securities.

The cost of Tron's cryptocurrency grew by 67%
06.Apr.18 6:02 AM | 29

The South Korean stock exchange Bithumb added it on Thursday morning.

Smartphone for miners may appear on the market in 2018
06.Apr.18 5:42 AM | 18

The cost of the device is about 1000 US dollars.

The Abra platform is going to introduce Litecoin
05.Apr.18 12:54 AM | 29

Because of this, altcoin has risen by about twenty percent, and then lost in price.

Coincheck again sued
03.Apr.18 8:35 AM | 15

Users require $ 800,000.

Ethereum will impose severe restrictions on mining
03.Apr.18 6:50 AM | 64

Limit the number of others and the size of the reward for the miners.

BUTIK increased sales by 50%
02.Apr.18 12:40 AM | 21

BUTIK's sales increased by 50% due to the competent adjustment of the advertising campaign.

Kazakhstan plans to ban mining and any other crypto-currency activities
01.Apr.18 12:52 AM | 19

Cryptocurrency has a lot of problems.

American financial holding plans to raise half a billion dollars in cryptocurrency operations and block projects
30.Mar.18 7:38 AM | 42

Morgan Creek Capital reported on raising $ 500 million in a crypto currency hedge fund.

The largest crypto-exchange exchange withdraws from its list illiquid tokens
28.Mar.18 5:21 AM | 31

Bittrex will remove more than 80 crypto-currencies and tokens from the listing due to lack of liquidity.

Crypto-exchange Coinbase refuses to support multi-signature purses
24.Mar.18 5:11 AM | 20

The reasons were their unpopularity with customers and inconvenience in the new conditions.

 The principles of ICO regulation in Switzerland can become pan-European
23.Mar.18 5:27 AM | 69

The rules are considered complete and detailed.

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