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How will the blocking of Yandex, and affect IT business in Ukraine?

The biggest worry wave users are voicing against the blocking of popular social networks and Yandex....

Business news

Volvo and Autoliv unite with Nvidia for self-driving cars
28.Jun.17 3:51 AM | 33

Volvo Cars and Swedish car safety supplier Autoliv have signed a deal with U.S. firm Nvidia Corp., best known for its graphics technology in computer games, to develop software systems for self-driving cars.

Google fined 2.42 billion euros
28.Jun.17 2:25 AM | 13

The corporation was accused of abusing a dominant position.

U.S. activist puts pressure on Nestle
27.Jun.17 3:00 AM | 34

Nestle is under pressure from U.S. activist shareholder Third Point, which has taken a $3.5 billion share in the food maker and is pushing Europe's largest company to improve profit, buy back shares and get rid of not profile businesses.

Russia increased wheat exports to Turkey after solving trade problems
24.Jun.17 5:31 AM | 39

Russia is signing new contracts for the supply of wheat to Turkey without any premiums to the price after resolving the problems in trade between the two countries, analysts and traders said.

Ruble growth reached 1% due to taxes and the rotation of oil in plus
23.Jun.17 2:12 AM | 46

The ruble accelerated the growth in the daily trading on Thursday thanks to the reversal of oil to plus, which increased the positive effect of currency sales for large taxes next week.

Daimler presented the Mercedes-Benz plant in Russia
22.Jun.17 2:58 AM | 70

Germany's Daimler began construction of a new Mercedes-Benz plant near Moscow on Tuesday, following through on the first new investment by a major foreign automaker in Russia since Western sanctions were entered three years ago.

The sanctions of the West can destroy Russia's hopes for rating upgrade
21.Jun.17 2:26 AM | 49

New Western sanctions against Russia could be an obstacle to the return of the investment grade rating, said a leading analyst on S&P Global's sovereign ratings on Tuesday.

Shipping by sea
19.Jun.17 12:59 AM | 66

Today international shipping by sea has become widespread.

Brussels intends to take away from the London evroklining
15.Jun.17 2:50 PM | 68

The European Commission has prepared a number of proposals for the introduction of new rules that can lead to the transfer of part of financial operations from London to the continent after Brexit. The speech was, in particular, about clearing of trade transactions in Euro.

Putin: "They speculate on the problems"
15.Jun.17 2:46 PM | 57

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin talked with citizens in the framework of the “straight line”. Organizers say they have received two million questions.

The FED is waiting for the new rate hike
14.Jun.17 4:10 PM | 71

Interest rate hike should be completed began on Tuesday a two-day meeting of the Federal open market Committee of the Federal Reserve system of the United States.

The head of the OECD: Economic growth will slow
14.Jun.17 4:07 PM | 60

The growth of the UK economy this year will slow, predicts the Organization for Economic cooperation and development, next year the trend will continue. This year, according to the organization, growth decreased to 1.6 %, while the next – up to 1 %.

EU helps small business by guarantees
14.Jun.17 4:03 PM | 47

The program “Planet business” invites you to Gozo, the second largest island of the Maltese archipelago. Our source, mark Scicluna Bartoli, will explain how local small businesses get access to the European aid program. We are talking about the mechanism, which is called “Initiative of Small business".

Spain: The absorption of one euro
14.Jun.17 4:00 PM | 57

The biggest financial-credit Santander group Spain (“Santander”) acquired the troubled Banco Popular (“Banco popular”) for a symbolic price of one euro. Earlier, the ECB acknowledged Banco Popular — the fourth largest Bank assets in the country — “crashed” and demanded to sell it.

OddsFan: betting odds comparison service
03.Jun.17 1:50 AM | 108

Why OddsFan?

TopTripTip and "Mir" TV channel presented an updated version of mobile tour guides for tourists
31.May.17 5:08 PM | 97

The application will be useful for travelers to Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and 74 Russian regions.

Putin and Macron: The first meeting
30.May.17 3:01 PM | 96

The subjects of negotiations of presidents of Russia and France at Versailles were: a peaceful settlement in Syria and Ukraine, the situation in Libya and on the Korean Peninsula, Russia's relations with the EU.

Putin and Macron: in the footsteps of Peter the Great
29.May.17 4:39 PM | 85

The meeting of Russian President and newly elected head of the French Republic began with a vigorous handshake in the marble courtyard of the Palace of Versailles.

 Moody's downgraded the rating of China
28.May.17 4:16 PM | 92

International Rating Agency Moody's for the first time in almost 30 years downgraded the rating of China from “Aa3” to “A1” and changed the Outlook thereon to stable from negative.

Greece's debt: I am sure that we will overcome differences
25.May.17 3:15 PM | 87

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on Tuesday expressed confidence that the international creditors of Greece will be able to overcome their differences and after three weeks come to an agreement on the allocation of Greece the next tranche of macro-financial assistance.

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