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YouTubers try to be TikTokers

Shorter videos are a trend to hate or follow

Blockchain business news

Big Tech files objections to designation as key service providers
11.Sep.23 7:03 AM | 112

Microsoft and Apple want some of their service be exempt of Digital Market Act.

Microsoft retires its Wordpad app
04.Sep.23 8:57 AM | 142

The application was never a hit or a meme, so it should go

Kenes Rakishev surprises markets with unexpected acquisition
12.Aug.23 7:06 AM | 657

Star investor meet star chef and star manufacturer to change the food market

What are the common Forex scams and how to spot them?
11.Aug.23 9:32 AM | 245

Forex and Crypto scams aren't new and widely spread

Twitter simply grabs Gene X Hwang account
31.Jul.23 7:49 AM | 252

Rebranding Twitter takes toll

What is the total amount of US dollars in circulation?
24.Jul.23 2:59 PM | 271

More balanced and value-centered approach to the currency is needed

Apple is somewhat late on GPT, but it has user base ready
24.Jul.23 8:05 AM | 162

Siri and Ajax will do the job

Threads network isn't fully operational in EU
15.Jul.23 6:40 AM | 204

Interest to Threads fade, it is at risk of becoming a flop

New US-China tensions will slow down AI development
12.Jul.23 5:31 PM | 174

In general, both sides do not have too much trump cards on hand

Inflation at the lowest point in more than two years
12.Jul.23 4:57 PM | 292

Risky assets, however, aren't attracting investors

EC worried about consequences of Amazon/iRobot deal
12.Jul.23 4:29 PM | 102

Tech giant has a record of suppressing competition

Competition is fine, cheating is not - Elon Musk about Threads
10.Jul.23 5:42 AM | 128

Clones are clones not without a reason

Near-space Virgin Galactic mission successful: 85 km heigh reached
03.Jul.23 5:33 AM | 147

Galactic 01 is the first fully commercial flight

FTC sues Amazon over Prime subscription
26.Jun.23 7:40 AM | 113

The company marketing is misleading FTC states

MATIC sell-off: major holders get rid of SEC-exposed asset
12.Jun.23 7:01 AM | 227

The US Securities and Exchange Commission provoked major altcoin crash

Europe allowed Activision deal, UK forbade and US is undecided
22.May.23 7:22 AM | 311

The deal is definitely going to monopolize the market, EC prefers to turn a blind eye

Twitter hires Linda Yaccarino
15.May.23 8:46 AM | 307

Elon Musk will retain positions of chairman and CTO

Nintendo wants to ban tools that captures Switch encrypted codes
08.May.23 6:44 AM | 313

Intercepted codes may allow users to get the source codes of games and apps

Intel bets on Admantine L4 cache in its new Meteor Lake arch
24.Apr.23 8:00 AM | 292

Intel patent shares details L4 cache potentially used in Meteor Lake

Elon Musk invents more opportunities for verified users
17.Apr.23 8:25 AM | 192

As well as new disadvantages for users without the blue mark

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