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Yuri Morozov, founder of Bubbletone Blockchain for Telecom: "With the help of the blockchain, we can change the entire global ecosystem of telecommunications"

An interview with Bubbletone Blockchain for Telecom founder, Yuri Morozov, whose company aims to rev...

Blockchain business news

Ripple adds new clients
21.Feb.18 3:53 PM | 17

Distributed ledger startup Ripple has announced today about new partnerships with five banking institutions and money transfers in four different countries.

Crypto market fluctuates about $500 billion
21.Feb.18 8:40 AM | 21

With bitcoin exceeding $ 11,000, the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is gyrating around $ 500 billion - and, perhaps, building a base for a step higher.

EU regulators will discuss crypto regulation
20.Feb.18 5:48 PM | 50

Next week a group of European Union regulators will meet to discuss the regulation of cryptocurrencies.

Israel will tax cryptocurrency as property
20.Feb.18 5:32 PM | 10

The Israeli Tax Authority (ITA) confirmed yesterday, in a professional circular that the country will tax cryptocurrencies as property.

What to expect from Bitcoin rate in 2018?
16.Feb.18 2:35 PM | 95

Last year, Bitcoin was remembered for its high volatility. Sharp jumps of the cryptocurrency rate cause disputes among experts and it become difficult to make further forecast of its development. There are two possible scenarios.

Litecoin is leading the recovery of crypto market
15.Feb.18 8:54 AM | 29

The recovery of the crypto market is increasing every day, and litecoin is leading.

What risks do startups have performing ICO?
15.Feb.18 7:26 AM | 28

The main criminal risks are mentioned in performing ICO in Russia.

Saudi Arabia will test the technique of Ripple payments
14.Feb.18 4:57 PM | 71

Distributed ledger startup Ripple has made a deal with the central bank of Saudi Arabia on a pilot program that will see banks in the country are researching the technology of the company.

Central Bank of Thailand asks banks to avoid cryptocurrencies, pending rules review
13.Feb.18 7:08 AM | 21

A governor of the central bank of Thailand, Veerathai Santiprabhob, asked all banks in Thailand to stay away from cryptocurrency.

Gibraltar intends to begin regulating ICOs
12.Feb.18 3:23 AM | 23

It is reported that officials in Gibraltar are weighing rules for initial coin offerings (ICOs).

How to choose a business idea
09.Feb.18 12:30 PM | 27

Choosing the right niche is the main step to success.

The most significant sale-purchase transaction for bitcoins took place in the USA
09.Feb.18 5:03 AM | 21

The buyer was one of the first crypto-investors.

Opportunities and prospects for using venture capital- according to professor Anokhin’s opinion
09.Feb.18 2:03 AM | 23

This capital always has the likelihood of a risk.

California city of Berkeley for the first time in the US will hold ICO
09.Feb.18 2:02 AM | 18

California city of Berkeley for the first time in the US will hold ICO

Forbes first introduced the rating of people who became wealthy on the cryptocurrency
08.Feb.18 2:29 AM | 32

There are 19 people on the list.

Chinese search engines have stopped posting ads in the field of crypto-currency
06.Feb.18 3:03 AM | 27

China's social networks are also afraid of censorship.

How to organize the delivery of goods abroad?
06.Feb.18 2:43 AM | 70

What you need to know for cooperation with foreign companies.

Accounts of BitConnect are blocked by court order
05.Feb.18 3:42 AM | 73

Also, she will have to disclose information to the addresses of crypto-currency purses.

The collapse of bitcoin has reduced interest to farms for mining more than twice
02.Feb.18 6:09 AM | 30

According to analysts, now it is almost impossible to make money at home.

Media: Coincheck exchange office raided in the case of embezzlement of cryptocurrency
02.Feb.18 6:04 AM | 31

The case is under control of the specialists of the Financial Services Agency under the Ministry of Finance of Japan.

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