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Bus Race will be arranged in Dzershinsk, Russia

Professional drivers will take part in competition that is dedicated to Passenger and City Transport Driverís Day.

15.Oct.14 1:21 PM
By Anna Repina


Bus Race will be arranged in Dzershinsk, Russia
Special celebration of the Passenger and City Transport Driverís Day has been prepared by authorities of Dzershinsk. A special bus race will take place on the 19th of October. Professional bus drivers will be able to show their skills and take part in this exciting competition. The information is provided by the City Administration.

This annual competition has already become a pleasant tradition. On the one hand it helps drivers to increase their level of class and driving skills. On the other had it teaches them to avoid different accidents and dangerous situations on the road that can turn out to be rather risky for their passengers. In other words this race is another kind of professional training.

All participants will have a chance to show their driving skills as well as knowledge of all traffic rules. The competition is divided into two stages. The first stage calls for good theoretic knowledge of traffic rules. The second stage includes practice and driving in accordance with all existing standards that are established by Traffic Police Department.

In the whole 11 municipal and private transport companies will take part in this competition. Winners will be rewarded with prices and diplomas. The event will start at 11 a.m.

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