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Building Process will be easier in Nizhny Novgorod

Local authorities plan to make several administrative procedures less complicated for regional building companies.

19.Nov.14 10:49 AM
By Anna Repina


Building Process will be easier in Nizhny Novgorod
Director of Department of Urban Development and Architecture Tatyana Shmakova reported to the Head of City Administration about the necessity of working out a new program that will include less administrative procedures in order to make building sphere less complicated. Such report was made during the last operational meeting.

There are about 169 different administrative procedures that must be completed by construction companies before starting building process. At the same time some of these procedures should be done while implementing construction and building plan. It takes at least 5 years in order to complete all of them. This fact makes it more difficult to finish construction works and commission objects.

Shmakova shared her opinion about the fact that such terms can be reduced up to 3 years making all those procedures less complicated.  It is necessary to reorganize the whole structure and state schedule of Department of Urban Development and Architecture. At the same time modernizations of informational system is essential as well as creation of more effective ways to connect all necessary communicational systems. She also said that it would be efficient to create additional institute that will be specialized in checkout of plots of land. Specialists of this institute will also deal with working out and approving of building projects, etc.

Such measures will help to make construction process faster without decrease in its quality.

The Head of City Administration Oleg Kondrashev supported such measures and also noted that it is necessary to create adequate conditions for efficient and fast implementation of different construction projects.

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