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British police apologize after preventing journalists to enter protest march

British police acted unlawfully and suppressed journalists' righs

09.Nov.20 10:37 AM
By Abigail Richards
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British police apologize after preventing journalists to enter protest march
The English police have apologised for obstructing journalists in anti-lock-down protests in London. Journalists and photographers who reported on the so-called Million Mask March on Thursday evening, where 190 demonstrators were arrested, were told by agents that they would be considered ordinary citizens and run the risk of being arrested if they stayed. Press cards were ignored.

Journalists were told that they needed special permission from the police department to do news gathering and reporting. The English Society of editors, made a complaint to the Ministry of the Interior and the police authorities.

In a response, the police apologized to journalists. There would have been "confusion." According to its own guidelines, journalism is a vital profession during the coronacrisis.

The English police are playing harder than they did during the first lockdown. In Manchester, Local Commissioner Ian Hopkins has warned that the police will strictly enforce the rules. The Chief Constable has called on the public to report people who do not follow the rules to the police, even when it comes to minor offences.

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