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British crypto-exchange launches light-futures trading

Crypto Facilities will launch light-futures trading next Friday.

20.Jun.18 9:12 PM
By John M Jeffcoat


British crypto-exchange launches light-futures trading
It became known that the cryptoplatform Crypto Facilities will launch trading operations with light-futures futures this Friday, June 22nd. The asset associated with the dollar will allow crypto investors to buy and sell similar futures in long and short positions, with expiration dates per week, month and quarter.

The head of the British stock exchange said that the service was launched due to the great demand from traders for lightcoin, he believes that opening trades on a pair of LTC-USD futures will help raise liquidity of kriptonka and optimize it. The developer of lightcoin, Charlie Lee, also believes that a neglected trade will help raise liquidity of lightcode and make the procedure for the purchase and sale of this digital asset easier.

It is worth recalling that Crypto Facilities actively offers new futures products to its traders, for example, in the beginning of the spring of this year the English exchange announced the possibility of launching a crypto-exchange platform for trading bitcoin-derivatives. And in May Crypto Facilities very successfully started trading in etherium futures, which, according to the company's forecasts, should bring the exchange in this quarter period $ 150 million.

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