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Britain will limit the term work visas for Europeans

Labour migrants will be deprived of certain benefits.

26.Feb.17 11:53 PM
By Catherine Brooke


Britain will limit the term work visas for Europeans
Recently it became known that the government of the United Kingdom think about how to change the migration rules for EU citizens until the completion of Brexit. To do this Britain will have to create a new law. This instruction was given to the Cabinet of Ministers Theresa may.

As it became known to the London media, the Kingdom is planning to vigorously promote the employment of immigrants in key sectors of the economy. At the same time to tighten the visa regime for those who visited the island for the first time.

The government is now trying to calculate the exact number of visas that will be required. It also became known that the bill will be divided into two parts. Be the first to discuss the immigration regulations for EU citizens who live in the UK and have been working for a long time. The second part will establish rules for those who only plan to work in the Kingdom after the completion of Brexit.

Calculated that the new bill will be published in early 2018. According to media reports, the new law will restrict working visas for EU citizens to five years. In addition, those who will come to work, will receive no social benefits.
According to the authorities, such measures will reduce migration and, hence, will free more jobs for the British.

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