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Britain is forging friendship with India

On Tuesday the Finance Ministers of India and UK held the talks in New Delhi.

12.Apr.17 5:32 AM
By Christina Orlina


Britain is forging friendship with India
India and UK discussed the development of financial and trading relations in the context of the Brexit. On Tuesday the Finance Ministers of India and UK Arun Jaitly and Philip Hammond held the talks in New Delhi.

According to Jaitly, India is ready to consider any agreement that meets the desire of the parties to expand trade. Hammond said that withdrawal from the EU would allow the UK to rebuild relations with other countries.

Hammond, in particular, said: “We hope that the negotiations on the Brexit will be able to achieve a deep and special relationship with the European Union, thanks to which we can have a joint trade and invest in our economy, and which will allow us to rebuild relations with partners and allies around the world.”

This is the ninth meeting of the economic and financial dialogue between the two countries.

The Finance Minister of India said: “The UK after considers the new level of relations with India the Brexit. And India is also committed to further development and improvements of these relations.”

The parties have agreed to establish a joint fund capital for the financing requirements of India, alternative sources of energy. The original contribution of each country will be 120 million pounds.

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