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BMW will track the distance of cars using blockchain technology

Global automotive giant BMW launches a pilot test of the blockchain-platform for tracking the distance of rented cars.

09.May.18 12:52 AM
By Tatyana Kisarova


BMW will track the distance of cars using blockchain technology
It became known that the carmaker BMW launched a test check of the blockchain-site, which will monitor the distance of rental cars. The testing of the new technology will be handled by DOVU.

DOVU became the primary developer of Alphabet-manager system, which is engaged in stimulating registration of drivers of leased vehicles. The meaning of the application is that it helps the BMW automobile company to monitor any activity that occurs with its cars, and also to observe what factors influence the vehicles.

It is reported that drivers participating in the program will receive a fee in the form of tokens for this. These tokens in the future can be exchanged for any services within the ecosystem of DOVU. This is determined by the auto concern itself in the smart contract of this project.

The number of tokens will be determined by the mileage of the car, the data about it will be registered by the driver weekly and stored in the DOVU. As the latest media publications show, the blockbuster is increasingly becoming popular among the global automotive industry; we recently wrote that several of the world's leading automotive companies have teamed up to develop the blockchain.

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