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Bloomberg states Recovery of Russian Economy

Russian companies show better results in comparison with their world analogs.

24.Mar.15 12:52 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


Bloomberg states Recovery of Russian Economy
Bloomberg agency is considered to be one of the world’s leading sources of business and financial information. Its representatives have recently stated that Russian economy is recovering in spite of financial crisis.

World’s investors say that Russian economy is developing and is very close to full recovery despite all sanctions against Russia that certainly had very negative effect on economic situation of the country. However Bloomberg experts pay attention to the fact that ruble exchange rate is stable at the moment. Its fluctuation is even lower in comparison with other 30 currency which are presented on international financial market.

Exports of the agency also note that the level of income from Russian corporations’ bonds has increased. More than 78% of all Russian companies which are included in MICEX list performed better increase of sales level in comparison with other analog enterprises worldwide. If we speak of Russian companies’ profitability, this rate is the highest among the rest of MICEX indexes.

Moreover it is already known that investors who invested their funds in Russian securities which are linked to ruble have already got income which is equal to 7% in USD. On the other hand those who invested in securities of other countries have lost 1.1% of their profit.

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