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Bloomberg: Somebody has to stop Le Pin

Marine Le Pin is a “Franch Trump”, warns Bloomberg.

29.Nov.16 12:03 AM
By Anna Tuzova


Bloomberg: Somebody has to stop Le Pin
Polls in France in advance of the second round showed the advantage of the Republican Party with the two main presidential candidates - Alain Juppé and François Fillon. Both of them offer similar conservative agendas, but the alternative would be destructive for the France and beyond, according to Bloomberg.

“The Socialists have lost the support: the President François Hollande’s approval rating stays at 4 percent. Republican nominee therefore probably will face Marine Le Pin, the populist National Front leader” – as journalists explain.

It isn’t clear yet, firstly, who will be nominated by the Socialist Party and, secondly, whether the former investment banker Emmanuel Macron, who has already worked in government, will get the substantial support.

According to Bloomberg, the Fillon’s victory in the first round is a good sign as Fillon is more powerful Le Pin’s rival. He is evidently not multiculturalism and the Euro Commission supporter, he insists that immigrants should assimilate and is trying to cut the flow of migrants.

To be reminded, in the leader of the first round of primary is François Fillon, he has got about 44 percent votes. The second place in primary has got former Prime Minister and major of Bordeaux Alain Juppé.

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