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Blockstream launches payments processing system for bitcoin

Bitcoin startup Blockstream has released a micropayment processing system, which, it claims, simplifies the creation of bitcoin applications over its Lightning Network.

17.Jan.18 11:25 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Blockstream launches payments processing system for bitcoin

Called Lightning Charge, the system complements the existing implementation "c-lightning" of Lightning Network from Blockstream and is designed to make life easier for developers creating Lightning-powered payments applications, the firm said.

Lightning Charge is written in node.js, and its functions can be accessed via the API through its JavaScript and PHP libraries, which are part of Blockstreamís Elements Project.

To demonstrate its technology, Blockstream has also announced the launch of an e-commerce store, operated by Lightning Charge, which allows users to use Lightning micropayments on the bitcoin network. However, since Lightning is still at the testing phase.

While still not ready for general use, the Lightning Network is one of the most-watched bitcoin-scaling solutions.

Instead of changing the basic bitcoin code, Lightning effectively adds an additional layer to the network by which transactions would theoretically be made more cheaply and more quickly than directly on bitcoin's blockchain.

Last month, prepaid pay phone provider Bitrefill reportedly used Lightning to replenish a cellphone.

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