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Unilever quits Facebook advertisement boycott

It's time to move on, the corporation considers

World News

Kenes Rakishev and his new investmernt project: nickel and cobalt mines
15.Jan.21 1:52 PM | 71

Kenes Rakishev is investing in nickel and cobalt mines

Xiaomi gets sanctioned for ridiculous reasons
15.Jan.21 9:15 AM | 82

Outgoing Trump administration set traps for the incoming one

Samsung feels the mounting pressure from increasingly competitive market
08.Jan.21 1:55 PM | 165

New and old Chinese brands are competing with Samsung

Huawei  and Tencent are friends again
01.Jan.21 4:16 PM | 306

Huawei restored Tencent products in the app store

The father wants to be a Frenchman
31.Dec.20 2:12 PM | 182

Johnson Sr. wants to be continental

Kenes Rskishev, Aselle Tasmagambetova and Saby Foundation: the totals of 2020
31.Dec.20 11:52 AM | 201

Saby fund published the 2020 report

Linux ported to ancient Nintendo 64
29.Dec.20 12:03 PM | 160

It works! Linus is ported to Nintendo 64

Biden takes penultimate obstacle to the White House
14.Dec.20 10:15 AM | 255

There is no viable options to prevent Biden from presidency

60,000 koalas lost in the fire
07.Dec.20 1:53 PM | 318

The fires destroyed nearly 19 million hectares in the south and east of the Australia

The new card is another hybrid solution for would-be crypto enthusiasts
03.Dec.20 10:34 AM | 417

Spend in fiat, get the bonus in Bitcoin

Linux on M1 isn't possible yet as Apple keeps the hardware in secret
30.Nov.20 9:36 AM | 379

There will be no native Linux on M1 for now

Apple executives do not exclude allowing Windows to run on M1 chip
23.Nov.20 4:23 PM | 354

Mac on Windows? Windows on Mac? What are they talking about?

AI enters the hospitals: Kenes Rakishev predicts the new era of automation
18.Nov.20 9:45 PM | 643

AI may occupy the niche of healthcare - enabling quality services in remote areas

Apple presents three Macs based on M1 ARM chip
11.Nov.20 7:49 AM | 374

Apple speaks of the most important Mac line update

Finally Hyperloop hype produces some results: a sluggish journey for 500 meters
09.Nov.20 11:05 AM | 714

It seems that's all the great results made by Hyperloop

Biden or no Biden, China will stay on course
09.Nov.20 8:41 AM | 316

China learned an important lesson and will not abandon struggle for tech independence

 Kenes Rakishev made an important step to restore the Kazakhstan boxing glory
08.Nov.20 3:42 PM | 685

Kenes Rakishev appointed a skilled manager as the regional leader of the Boxing Federation

Six hackers indicted by the US, extradition seems unlikely
20.Oct.20 8:59 AM | 346

The hackers are around 30 years old and all six live in Russia

A lesson on responsible business: Kenes Rakishev and Saby fund spent fortune to help Kazakhstan in pandemic
18.Oct.20 1:25 PM | 725

As for September, Kenes Rakishev and his Saby foundation spent more than one billion tenge for projects specifically targeted to help Kazakhstan to overcome COVID-19 pandemic

Ban on bitcoin (BTC) derivatives in the UK: what will the impact be?
12.Oct.20 9:55 AM | 438

We do not expect any material impact as a result of the FCA announcement

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