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Yuri Morozov, founder of Bubbletone Blockchain for Telecom: "With the help of the blockchain, we can change the entire global ecosystem of telecommunications"

An interview with Bubbletone Blockchain for Telecom founder, Yuri Morozov, whose company aims to rev...

Blockchain news

The European Union introduces verification of cryptocurrency holders
21.Apr.18 7:46 AM | 3

The European Parliament approved a package of new measures to combat money-laundering.

Bitcoin capitalization reached $ 140 billion
20.Apr.18 6:07 AM | 16

His course is up to 8243 dollars.

Analysts believe that bitcoin has already groped the "bottom", and the cryptocurrency market "settled down"
19.Apr.18 4:17 AM | 30

There was a long-term correction, but it is already over.

Brazilian stock exchanges merged to regulate the cryptocurrency market
18.Apr.18 12:41 AM | 19

Organizations will be engaged in the regulation of the cryptocurrency market.

Santander announced the launch of a mobile application based on Ripple
14.Apr.18 7:15 AM | 36

One of the largest banks in Spain to use Ripple applications for retail customers.

Taobao banned the sale of any goods and services associated with crypto and ICO
12.Apr.18 7:03 AM | 15

Representatives of the company fulfill the requirements of the Chinese authorities.

Modern Tech has disappeared with 660 million dollars
12.Apr.18 6:55 AM | 20

The Vietnamese crypto currency company has deceived 32,000 people.

In South Africa, a tax on profits derived from the conduct of cryptocurrency transactions
10.Apr.18 3:17 AM | 10

In the country's leadership, they announced their intention to tax all transactions with digital currencies.

Vladivostok will open a financial center for working with cryptocurrencies
10.Apr.18 2:55 AM | 34

It will appear in the framework of the Russian-Chinese project on the development of blockade in the Far East.

Coinbase may issue a license to conduct brokerage activities
09.Apr.18 2:51 AM | 17

To this end, the cryptocurrency company from the US has already applied to the SEC.

HyperBlock announces $ 106 million deal
07.Apr.18 6:33 AM | 24

A Canadian company buys a mining company for a hefty sum.

Legalization of ICO in Japan is already closed
06.Apr.18 6:15 AM | 26

Japan prepared the fundamental principles of the ICO.

Bitcoin is overvalued fourfold, say Swiss scientists
05.Apr.18 1:05 AM | 28

The network of its users determines the real value of the cryptocurrency.

Large crypto-exchanges take for the listing of tokens up to $ 3 million
05.Apr.18 1:00 AM | 19

This is ten times higher than the prices of traditional exchanges for the placement of securities.

Bitmain announced the beginning of sales of ASIC-miners for the extraction of Ethereum
04.Apr.18 8:28 AM | 13

Officially confirmed information that Bitmain released ASIC for the extraction of Ethereum.

John McAfee monetized his credibility
03.Apr.18 6:56 AM | 28

The campaign is aimed at crypto-currency investors.

Cryptocurrency Verge is speculating on Amazon
03.Apr.18 6:24 AM | 888

Rumors about Amazon's secret partnership increased the rate of cryptocurrency.

France intends to support companies that raise funds for ICO
02.Apr.18 12:47 AM | 24

The country plans to become the leader in the ICO industry.

The National Bank of England is testing blockchain-technology
31.Mar.18 7:43 AM | 80

But for the time being no decision has been made to move to the new system.

In Russia they create the first mining pool
29.Mar.18 7:33 AM | 30

The project plans to invest up to $ 5 million.

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