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This is Peter Brandt's Bitcoin bull explained: checking the boxes

Has the Bitcoin started the next bull run? The nice thing about Peter Brandt is that he relies on st...

World News

That's what we call an over-optimistic BTC forecast
03.Aug.20 4:05 PM | 148

According to CryptoBull, a popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, history is about to repeat and bitcoin's (BTC) course will again increase by 4,600%

Max Keiser: Bitcoin heading to $28,000 during this rally
29.Jul.20 9:37 AM | 110

Will BTC hit ATH during this rally?

Has BTC entered a big wave of growth?
27.Jul.20 7:49 AM | 189

BTC slammed through 10000 barrier and keeps growing

Retailers will eat all the freshly printed Bitcoins in 2028
04.Jul.20 10:37 AM | 225

The demand for bitcoin will outstrip supply by 2028

H&M chooses Aselle Tasmagambetova’s Saby fund to give away clothes for impoverished people of Kazakhstan
25.Jun.20 5:44 PM | 555

Saby is one of the charities who will dispense 8000 clothes made by H&M to those in need. Recipients will get woman, kids and man clothing.

Chrome 84 will warn about misleading notification requests
29.May.20 3:48 PM | 448

Users will see a warning if a site tries to trick them into clicking on a misleading notification or permission request

Google quietly censors BTC-related news
09.May.20 6:03 PM | 493

New algorithm Google censors bitcoin few days before halving

Kenes Rakishev, his Finney phone and the post-COVID IT development
13.Apr.20 7:35 PM | 1421

Kenes Rakishev's Sirin Labs to turn into Sirin Cyber

Central bank of Norway lowers the key rate to 0.25 percent
20.Mar.20 10:33 AM | 609

Norges Bank lowers the rate to the record low 0.25 percent to pump money in economy

Kenes Rakishev's Finney is one of the best in keeping the data secure
17.Mar.20 12:18 AM | 1913

Kenes Rakishev and his partners designed a phone to be secure and protected

Macron is going to ban foreign imams
19.Feb.20 12:54 PM | 549

There are too many imams who preach against France and are related to Salafism

Can bitcoin be an alternative to the dollar for oil contracts in the Middle East?
03.Feb.20 9:36 AM | 589

CoinDesk spoke to a few and asked if they are looking for alternatives to the dollar to buy and sell oil. And yes, bitcoin was also discussed.

More efficient and and privacy-minded Bitcoin may enter the blockchain
27.Jan.20 9:28 AM | 572

Schnorr signatures and Taproot protocol to be voted on.

Bitcoin options go live at CME and they do perform better than Bakkt
15.Jan.20 11:04 AM | 498

Trade in bitcoin (BTC) option contracts is now live on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

This is Peter Brandt's Bitcoin bull explained: checking the boxes
10.Jan.20 11:10 AM | 1352

Has the Bitcoin started the next bull run? The nice thing about Peter Brandt is that he relies on statistics that are objective and accessible to everyone.

Wikipedia blocking in Turkey overturned in court
27.Dec.19 11:41 AM | 407

Blockade of Wikipedia by government illegal, judges of Turkish court decide

Hash rate is at the ATH
24.Dec.19 4:09 PM | 515

The new record is worth mentioning because it is expected in the market that miners in the run-up to the upcoming halving, which will take place approximately in May 2020, would capitulate en masse.

China has all the hash in the hands
14.Dec.19 9:49 PM | 528

An absolute majority of the hash rate of the Bitcoin (BTC) network is generated by Chinese miners.

Aselle Tasmagambetova's boutique in Almaty: an entire new level of shopping experience
08.Dec.19 9:33 PM | 548

Aselle Tasmagambetova is advocating the new way of life as a consequence of the human natural desire to be beautiful and health.

Kenes Rakishev explains the importance of modern voice technologies
29.Nov.19 9:08 AM | 471

The whole new application of the voice recognition can be found in extracting non-verbal information out of the stream, Kenes Rakishev supposes.

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