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ICOs from A to Z

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Blockchain news

Bank of America is looking for a patent on the blockchain processing system
19.Oct.17 9:59 AM | 5

Bank of America is exploring how it can use a blockchain to better track the processing of file transfers in real time.

Nasdaq received a patent for Blockchain data matching system
18.Oct.17 8:08 AM | 9

The US Patent and Trademark Office awarded the Nasdaq exchange operator with a patent for a proposed system for data matching based on blockchain.

Global Blockchain Business Forum expands the European platform
18.Oct.17 7:29 AM | 4

The Global Blockchain Business Council is expanding its presence in Europe.

Microsoft opens the door to government Blockchain use
17.Oct.17 9:54 AM | 7

The most important data of the US government can soon be secured on a blockchain.

An Australian University is giving ether to students
17.Oct.17 8:51 AM | 11

A public university in Australia is starting a new research work on consumer loyalty, which will allow students to earn cryptocurrency-ether as they shop at retail stores on campus.

BNP and Tata use Blockchain for the platform of announcements about events
16.Oct.17 3:46 PM | 19

BNP Paribas Securities Services is cooperating with the Indian IT firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) on a new pilot that will see the two firms apply the blockchain to a new asset servicing data platform.

Mauritius launches a lending pilot with Blockchain startup
15.Oct.17 12:02 PM | 53

A commercial bank in Mauritius concluded a deal with blockchain lending startup SALT to test the use of digital assets as collateral for loans.

Bankers criticize Token tech at exchange event
14.Oct.17 4:30 PM | 15

Several high-ranking bank executives had not speak very well about initial coin offerings (ICOs) at the event in New York this week.

Gibraltar published draft rules for blockchain startups
13.Oct.17 5:14 PM | 23

The Financial Services Commission of Gibraltar has published a draft of its future regulatory framework for firms offering blockchain services.

The US State Department seeks to improve the implementation of Blockchain technology
12.Oct.17 9:31 AM | 16

The US agency that oversees foreign affairs is seriously looking at blockchain.

Fujitsu joins the main banks for Blockchain Money Transfer Pilot
11.Oct.17 2:59 PM | 14

Japanese IT giant Fujitsu and three large banks announced plans to pilot a money transfer system for peer-to-peer transactions, built using blockchain technology.

The Indian government is cooperating with blockchain startup to launch a pilot project for land registry
10.Oct.17 9:33 AM | 17

The Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is working with startup ChromaWay on a land registry pilot, which uses a blockchain to track property ownership.

The Department of Land Resources of Dubai is going to use Blockchain in work with real estate
10.Oct.17 8:48 AM | 14

The land agent of Dubai has shown that it is developing a system that would seek to register all local real estate contracts on a blockchain.

Tommy Lee creates five crypto indices to help institutional investors
09.Oct.17 6:00 PM | 14

Tommy Lee, of Fundstrat, is well known on Wall Street for his bearish predictions, but he has been a believer in Bitcoin  for sometime.

Oracle introduces the enterprise Blockchain strategy
08.Oct.17 3:13 PM | 16

Oracle, the giant of database software, is officially a player in the world of blockchain.

Things that need to be implemented for a successful ICO
07.Oct.17 5:53 PM | 12

Tokenization is currently a very popular concept in the Blockchain industry as a result of the numerous products that are being created on the Blockchain.

Swiss Public university starts accepting Bitcoin
06.Oct.17 8:31 AM | 16

The Swiss University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne is now accepting bitcoin.

The Central Bank of Malaysia is considering a ban on cryptocurrency
05.Oct.17 5:46 PM | 39

The governor of the central bank of Malaysia would not rule out a ban on cryptocurrencies when discussing the forthcoming regulation yesterday.

China State News calls for the regulation of Bitcoin exchanges
05.Oct.17 7:54 AM | 24

The media of the Chinese government, the Xinhua News Agency, has defended the recent decision of the regulatory authorities to ban the sale of tokens or ICOs and the voluntary closure of bitcoin exchanges.

Global credit system can be improved with Blockchain
04.Oct.17 8:43 AM | 18

Almost everyone has to make transactions that involve money, but not everyone has the means to open a personal or business bank account.

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