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Yuri Morozov, founder of Bubbletone Blockchain for Telecom: "With the help of the blockchain, we can change the entire global ecosystem of telecommunications"

An interview with Bubbletone Blockchain for Telecom founder, Yuri Morozov, whose company aims to rev...

Blockchain news

Bank of China filed a new patent application
23.Feb.18 8:25 AM | 15

Оne of the four largest state-owned commercial banks in the country, Bank of China, has filed a patent application for a process that it said is better able to scale blockchain systems.

Canadian researches will help India to introduce blockchain
22.Feb.18 3:26 PM | 7

One of the leading Indian technology organizations is collaborating with the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) to help stimulate a digital economy.

R3 tests Blockchain trade finance platform
21.Feb.18 9:43 AM | 25

Blockchain software startup R3, the financial services provider TradeIX and a group of large banks have moved their trading finance platform, Marco Polo, to the pilot stage.

Russia test blockchain payments
20.Feb.18 8:33 AM | 15

The Russian state-owned development bank, Vneshekonombank (VEB), has signed a deal with the regional government of Kaliningrad to pilot a new payment system based on blockchain.

Blockchain startup SETL sells stakes to banks
19.Feb.18 4:14 PM | 21

Citi, financial services group, has bought a stake in blockchain startup SETL.

Lenovo searches Blockchain validation patent
19.Feb.18 6:55 AM | 23

A new patent application of the computer giant Lenovo suggests that the company could use blockchain as part of system to verify the validity of physical documents.

Smart contracts against scammers
18.Feb.18 4:16 PM | 27

Smart contracts have become an instrument of trust.

Financial observer in Japan will consider unlicensed crypto exchanges
16.Feb.18 3:06 PM | 32

The Japanese government said today that inspections will take place in 15 unlicensed cryptocurrency exchanges in light of the recent major hack.

Ethereum developer resigns, referring to legal problems
15.Feb.18 7:45 AM | 74

Yoichi Hirai has resigned as editor of the Etherium, citing concerns that a controversial proposal might be a violation of criminal law.

Blockchain and the "right to forget": is it possible to compromise?
13.Feb.18 6:34 AM | 26

The European Union is preparing new rules for the protection of personal data. How are they compatible with the registries?

Chinese Fintech controller activates the supervision of ICO
12.Feb.18 2:56 AM | 61

A self-regulatory association which attracts support from China's banking and securities sector is promising to increase its supervision over cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICO) in 2018.

The market of crypto-currencies this year can be capitalized to a trillion dollars
09.Feb.18 1:56 AM | 31

Experts believe that its growth will help new technologies, regulation and large investors.

Cryptocurrency companies in Italy will register
08.Feb.18 2:50 AM | 39

The new rules are ready.

The reverse side of the blockchain: the principal risks of technology
08.Feb.18 2:35 AM | 22

What are the challenges for application developers on the blockbuster?

Experts in perplexity: in just 24 hours bitcoin lost more than 1200 dollars
06.Feb.18 3:08 AM | 28

Perhaps further decline.

New York will discuss the prospects for the creation of state cryptocurrency
06.Feb.18 2:29 AM | 29

Deputies are interested in how the new digital currency can affect the state economy.

Bank of America and JPMorgan have banned the use of credit cards for the purchase of cryptocurrency
05.Feb.18 4:00 AM | 17

Banks are worried that their customers can buy more than they can afford.

Power engineering has opposed mining
05.Feb.18 2:55 AM | 20

Enel is not going to sell energy to miners.

A new virus has appeared in the network
02.Feb.18 5:56 AM | 28

The virus causes hidden mining.

South Korean authorities promised not to prohibit trade in crypto-currencies
01.Feb.18 6:33 AM | 24

The Finance Ministry dispelled all the rumors.

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