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Imangali Tasmagambetov honoured by ESAM for input in the development of Kazakhstan statehood

Yannick Roussel greets Imangali Tasmagambetov, the new D.H.C. at ESAM école

World News

US seeks stronger ties with Taiwan despite historic 1979 accords
10.Apr.21 9:20 AM | 73

US stops short to recognize Taiwan as an independent state

Imangali Tasmagambetov honoured by ESAM for input in the development of Kazakhstan statehood
07.Apr.21 1:10 PM | 163

Yannick Roussel greets Imangali Tasmagambetov, the new D.H.C. at ESAM école

Nikola shares are under pressure as the owner gives up
05.Apr.21 1:42 PM | 118

Trevor Milton sells $49 million of shares, the SEC filling show

Kraken CEO forecasts 1 million USD bitcoin
25.Mar.21 2:07 PM | 196

But asks not to throw the last money in it

Prediction: Bitcoin bullmarkt will stop at the earliest in September 2021
22.Mar.21 6:07 PM | 192

The reason is seen in hashrate calculations and potential of real economy growth

Kenes Rakishev invested in StoreDot, now it aims for $3.5 billion SPAC merger
18.Mar.21 11:50 AM | 343

Kenes Rakishev builds up an integrated solution for innovative batteries

Bytedance cautiously steps into the hardware research
17.Mar.21 7:43 AM | 149

CPC politely asked local tech giants to defeat Intel and AMD

Facebook copied a feature from TikTok, will roll it in India out
09.Mar.21 3:00 PM | 258

India has banned TikTok in country so it makes commercial sense

It is Facebook in charge of Myanmar democracy
25.Feb.21 8:59 AM | 263

The extent of corporate interference in foreign affair seems to have no limit

Federal Reserve is optimistic on US economy
23.Feb.21 5:54 PM | 219

The Federal Reserve considers that the US economy will improve in the year 2021

The Times told about Parimatch IPO and legislative initiatives implemented in Ukraine
23.Feb.21 5:37 PM | 285

Parimatch is one of the companies that are eager to open new market and see the better regulations

Gender reveal party has gone terribly wrong
23.Feb.21 11:58 AM | 155

Megalomania and powder-loaded pipes aren't best friends of the fathers-to-be

Adyen isn't ready to process crypto payments, blames volatility as the main factor
11.Feb.21 11:07 AM | 250

Adyen boss seems to be ignorant by the fact that any crypto can be fixed in fiat right after the transaction

German Tesla 'Giga Factory' lags behind the schedule
08.Feb.21 8:31 AM | 263

It seems that Tesla assembly plant in Grünheide will not open on time

Bitcoin saved from inevitable slump by Elon Musk twit
29.Jan.21 1:14 PM | 317

Elon Musk mobilized millions of fanboys and girls to defend the crucial level

Using Cryptocurrency in Online Commerce
25.Jan.21 10:32 AM | 651

The cryptocurrency appeared quite recently, only 10 years ago the public first heard that a certain bitcoin had been created.

Quick return to 40,000 needed to restore bitcoin rally
25.Jan.21 8:10 AM | 400

Bitcoin suffered a bump which can provoke another crypto-recession

Kenes Rakishev announced the trial of the first thousands of Storedot batteries
20.Jan.21 10:49 AM | 408

The innovative batteries solve the fundamental bottleneck of the EV technology

Kenes Rakishev and his new investmernt project: nickel and cobalt mines
15.Jan.21 1:52 PM | 236

Kenes Rakishev is investing in nickel and cobalt mines

Xiaomi gets sanctioned for ridiculous reasons
15.Jan.21 9:15 AM | 225

Outgoing Trump administration set traps for the incoming one

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