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A small victory for financial regulators: what will happen to the crypto industry next?

The international program on combating cryptocurrency fraud started only a few days ago but has alre...

Blockchain news

DASH became the leader in the daily volume of transactions
25.Jun.18 12:23 AM | 17

Cryptocurrency has confidently bypassed Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

Analysts: the "index of fear and greed" in the cryptocurrency market reached extreme values
25.Jun.18 12:14 AM | 17

Anxiety intensifies, something goes wrong.

The SEC adopted a number of complaints about Coinbase
24.Jun.18 1:03 AM | 52

The complaints took 134 pages.

Blockchain-platform MoviesChain refused ICO
22.Jun.18 3:33 AM | 38

This is due to the unfavorable situation in the crypto-currency market.

Stanford University Launches New Research Center for Blockchain
22.Jun.18 3:22 AM | 33

The initiative was supported, among other things, by Vitalik Buterin.

British crypto-exchange launches light-futures trading
21.Jun.18 12:12 AM | 45

Crypto Facilities will launch light-futures trading next Friday.

Capgemini SA: Millionaires are investing more and more in cryptocurrencies
20.Jun.18 5:02 AM | 22

Interest is growing - investments are also increasing.

John McAfee will no longer promote the ICO
20.Jun.18 4:49 AM | 28

This is due to possible SEC threats.

Ripple now accepts SBI virtual currencies
19.Jun.18 1:04 AM | 51

This became known from the online purchase guide.

Banks serving bitcoin futures may downgrade
18.Jun.18 12:59 AM | 34

The growth of trading in bitcoins futures causes concern regulators.

The blockchain application to the World Cup 2018 in Russia has been launched
17.Jun.18 12:27 PM | 57

To Anders Iniesta, Carles Puyol and Kevin Mitnick have already joined OIyseum.

Experts predict stable positions bitcoin with a rate of $ 3200
15.Jun.18 10:45 AM | 36

The company Fundstrat expressed this opinion in its report.

Litecoin securities have fallen to a minimum
14.Jun.18 1:50 AM | 37

Sixth by volume of capitalization of the cryptocurrency is experiencing a crisis.

Ireland will become a global blockchain center
13.Jun.18 1:29 AM | 48

The country plans to develop a digital economy and attract investment from around the world.

OmiseGo creates a new working blockchain-space in Singapore
12.Jun.18 1:44 PM | 82

In the framework of the Neutrino project, the company opens a second new office.

The expert spoke about the consequences of a lawsuit against Ripple Labs
12.Jun.18 1:39 PM | 91

The price of XRP will decrease.

NEM Crypto-currency has been listed on the Coinsuper exchange and continues to conquer the Asian markets
11.Jun.18 1:01 AM | 38

The company also announced its partnership with the BitPrime cryptocurrency platform.

Experts: the collapse of the crypto-currency market could occur against the backdrop of an investigation by the CFTC
10.Jun.18 11:06 PM | 47

This assumption is the most realistic, although there are others.

American Express (AMEX) is considering the possibility of cross-border payments using Ripple
09.Jun.18 12:25 AM | 59

American Express wants to expand the use of xCurrent for cross-border payments.

Official Archive of the Government of Great Britain wants to use the blockchain
08.Jun.18 2:57 AM | 36

This is one of the few projects of the department.

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