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Blockchain will help in the organization of international transportation

Swissport intends to use the technology in its activities.

30.May.18 5:52 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Blockchain will help in the organization of international transportation
The advantages of blockchain have already been appreciated in many countries: this is not only about private firms, but also about government agencies. Even representatives of power structures, skeptical about the prospects of the crypto-currency market, call for the use of blockchain for the development of various industries. On the capabilities of this technology, for example, recently said the head of the Central Bank of Spain, Luis Linde.

In Switzerland, they are also exploring the possibilities of a distributed database. In particular, Swissport, whose main activity is focused on providing logistics services, is going to apply blockchain in the field of international cargo transportation.

Representatives of the organization are confident that the technology will help improve the level of security of transactions and make operations much more transparent. In addition, the company expects to reduce costs. So, the head of the innovation department of Swissport Florian Eggenshwiler stated that the use of developments based on blockchain can bring the company a long-term economic effect.

In the near future, Swissport, with the support of the blockchain-site Winding Tree will conduct a test program to provide tourists with original services.

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