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Blockchain will allow people to participate in elections from smartphones

The population is not yet ready for such changes, the expert believes.

21.May.18 1:25 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Blockchain will allow people to participate in elections from smartphones
The introduction of blockchain will significantly simplify many of the usual processes, making them more transparent. In particular, we are talking about elections. Earlier we said that this approach has already been adopted by developers of mobile applications. The pilot project, which is planned to be launched in Sumatra, will provide citizens with the opportunity to vote directly from the smartphone. In Russia, it would also be possible to use such solutions. However, according to the adviser of the President of the Russian Federation on the Internet Herman Klimenko, our compatriots are not yet ready for this turn of events.

The expert recalled that today there are too many people in the country who are far from modern technologies. Until now, a rather large population simply does not believe in telemedicine. In elections, it is also easier for them to be personally present at the polling station. As before, many Russian citizens are skeptical about the possibilities of crypto-technologies.

Herman Klimenko is sure that people are the main "brake" of progress at the moment. While society does not believe in the same blockchain, the business from the dead center will not move. The society should support the development of technologies, and up to this point everyone will vote in the traditional way, simply coming to the polling stations.

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