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Blockchain-technology will help develop mortgage lending in Russia

The real estate market can raise the crypto currency.

11.Sep.17 4:36 AM
By Natalia Mylnikova


Blockchain-technology will help develop mortgage lending in Russia
For today in many regions, the general tendency of stagnation of the market of the property is marked. Somewhere new projects do not start, somewhere real estate, both finished and at the level of the pit, is sold extremely hard. Despite the general decrease in mortgage rates, the ability to refinance a loan, the previous activity characteristic of the market before 2008 and in 2011-2014 is not returned. More over, many residents, including inhabitants of the capital, are gradually concluding that in the present situation renting is more economically advantageous than buying.

The experts see a way out of this situation in a revolutionary tool that will be mutually advantageous for both sellers and buyers. This tool will exclude the impact on the economy and the flow of funds from officials, see a complete picture of all actions.

It is worth noting, now began a lively discussion on the virtual currency and how to use it to solve economic difficulties in the country. Including, and as a way to purchase housing. Of course, it is not necessary to say that this can be used shortly. The legal framework for the application of the entire system is too undeveloped. But, if the bill on the country's crypto currency is approved, shortly it will become a powerful financial tool, opening up new horizons and opportunities for the population and business.

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