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Blockchain-platform MoviesChain refused ICO

This is due to the unfavorable situation in the crypto-currency market.

22.Jun.18 12:33 AM
By Martin Roads


Blockchain-platform MoviesChain refused ICO
The blockchain-platform MoviesChain belongs to the online cinema Tvzavr. With her help, it was planned to create a decentralized distribution of the cinema. According to the idea of ​​the company, the copyright holders with the help of the blockchain platform MoviesChain could independently publish the content. This would reduce the chain and cut costs.

Initially, the platform was planned to collect investments through ICO, however, the developers rejected this idea. In their opinion, now the market has a mixed opinion about ICO because of a large amount of scum and other fraudulent schemes.

It was planned to attract $ 5 million via ICO. But currently, the online cinema Tvzavr intends to invest its own funds in the amount of $ 3 million for the development of the platform and, possibly, to bring to ICO a working version of MoviesChain.

The release of the desktop version of the blockchain platform MoviesChain is scheduled for October-November.

By the way, the online cinema TVzavr was opened in 2010. Monthly, 25 million people use the service.

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