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Blockchain-machine will check the age of buyers of beer

Alcohol can only be bought by adults.

14.May.18 6:32 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Blockchain-machine will check the age of buyers of beer
Developing companies around the world are implementing blockchain in various areas of activity in order to increase their transparency and reliability of data storage. For example, in Sumatra this technology will make the elections more honest, and in China it is supposed to be used to secure police evidence.

An important role is assigned to experts by blockchain in terms of identity verification. This approach, for example, uses the startup Civic. Together with the brewing company Anheuser-Busch, the inventors created a unique crypto machine for the sale of a foamy beverage. This device is interesting in that it will only release the goods after checking the age of the buyers.

One of the authors of the idea told that such a mechanism was invented to demonstrate the possibilities of crypto technologies to a wide audience. The development will be presented at the Consensus conference. It is known that the guests of the event will be able, using the application on the smartphone, to confirm the cryptoautomatic device their age. Adult testers of the blockchain-device will receive their beer absolutely free of charge.
Representatives of the startup added that the use of blockchain will be justified not only when selling alcohol, but also in other situations requiring confirmation of identity.

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