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Blockchain for education: a new report is presented

The Executive body of the European Union has published a new report on the potentials of blockchain technology in the education sector.

17.Nov.17 1:06 AM
By Daria Zaytseva


Blockchain for education: a new report is presented

The European Commission report, called "Blockchain in Education", explores the opportunities, challenges, benefits and risks of applying blockchain technology in schools and universities.

The report explained the importance of blockchain, which could attract stakeholders in the education sector, with particular emphasis on its potential for the digital accreditation of personal and academic learning.

Next, the report proposes eight scenarios in which the authors believe that blockchain can be applied to challenges in the industry, including digital certification, multi-stage accreditation, recognition and transfer of student loan and transactions.

On the final note, however, the study cautioned that blockchain applications for education are still in their infancy, emphasizing that only "fully open" implementations can achieve the real goals and the promises of blockchain in education.

Nevertheless, blockchain interest among educational institutions is growing.

For example, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, recently released digital diplomas for more than 100 graduates as part of a pilot project using blockchain technology.

Likewise, governments are interested in moving this technology forward, and the government of Malta has even tried blockchain to the process of tracking academic certificates.

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