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Bitmain announced the beginning of sales of ASIC-miners for the extraction of Ethereum

Officially confirmed information that Bitmain released ASIC for the extraction of Ethereum.

04.Apr.18 5:28 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


Bitmain announced the beginning of sales of ASIC-miners for the extraction of Ethereum
Today it became known that Bitmain Corporation, the most significant manufacturer of mining devices, officially announced the start of sales of ASIC-miner, intended for production of the second most popular and mining cryptocurrency - Ethereum. The new unit is called Antminer E3, and the other day the company opened a procedure for pre-ordering it. According to the management of Bitmain, the pilot lot of equipment was sold out at lightning speed and will be delivered to the owners at the end of July this year.

The functionality of the new miner is based on the use of the algorithm Ethash, with which you can work with Ethereum and some other digital currencies. Also published data on the technical characteristics of the Antminer E3, it became known that the power of the new model will be 180 megayears per second, power consumption - 800 W, it will weigh about 13 kilograms, and cost 800 dollars. New equipment can be purchased from the company only for dollars or for Bitcoin Cash.

Experts say that the novelty is almost two and a half times more efficient than systems, the work of which is based on video cards. What impact the appearance of the unit will have on the market of graphics processors can be estimated only in the middle of summer, when new devices will be tested in real work.

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