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Bitcoin will not last next 100 years

At least, according to Nobel laureate in economics.

31.May.18 10:35 PM
By Jason Brideslow


Bitcoin will not last next 100 years
Professor of Economics at Yale University and Nobel laureate in economics believes that bitcoin may not survive the next 100 years. Such a statement he made during the airtime on the CNBC channel.

Robert Schiller listed several possible scenarios that could prove fatal to the Cryptocurrency No. 1. Despite his prediction, the prominent economist noted that it is difficult to know the future of the cryptocurrency. Major investors, such as Warren Buffett, have repeatedly voiced a death knell for BTC.

"Too many hardcore can kill bitcoin. They change themselves and will change it, "Schiller commented. He predicts that in the future there will be more hardcore, which will lead to an overload of identity bitcoin. Even if the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto lasts until 2118, Schiller expects that he will exist under a different name, saying: "He (bitcoin) will not look the same as today. If he will exist, then under a different name. "

A bubble or not?

Schiller in the past called Bitcoin a bubble. According to him, his wave of popularity allows you to group psychology more strongly than any real economic metric. Thus, he predicts that BTC is doomed to be an unsuccessful currency experiment.

Despite such non-optimistic forecasts, the official anthem of bitcoin was recently introduced.

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