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Bitcoin is struggling with $ 4000

Analyst Naeem Aslam from Think Market recently called $ 4,000 a crucial level.

25.Mar.19 5:44 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Bitcoin is struggling with $ 4000
In the last few days, it remained remarkably calm in the cryptomarkets against the hectic pace of the stock and bond markets. The question now is whether the bitcoin manages to break the important $ 4000 level.

After the strong advance in 2017 and the glide flight in 2018, the price of the bitcoin this year fluctuates roughly between $ 3400 and $ 4100. This morning the by far most popular digital currency for over $ 4,000 changed hands.

Analyst Naeem Aslam from Think Market recently called $ 4,000 a crucial level. "Since December 14 bulls and bears have been fighting each other around this level several times. So far, the bears have always been at the longest end and have pushed the price below this level again. "

Different visions

The experts are divided. Arthur Hayes from BitMEX belongs to the optimistic camp. The fact that the US central bank has reduced the number of interest rate hikes for this year to zero is, according to him, an incentive for the bitcoin. The same applies to incentives from the Chinese central bank. Hayes believes that $ 10,000 is feasible this year, roughly half of the summit put down at the end of 2017.

Eron Pieren from investment fund BitCapital is much more optimistic, albeit that he mainly looks at the very long term. This was recently revealed during his performance with the DFT video.

Analyst Madelon Vos, who is also occasionally shown in the DFT video, shows himself to be more cautious. It points out that the recent rise in prices was accompanied by lower trading volumes, which is a negative technical indication.

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