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Bitcoin Gold will become less vulnerable

The developers announced plans to update the network.

06.Jun.18 10:59 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Bitcoin Gold will become less vulnerable
The law enforcement bodies of most states state that criminals are increasingly trying to earn money on crypto-currencies. Recently, virtual "attacks" on crypto-exchange exchanges have become more frequent. So, recently we reported on the attack on the Verge crypto currency protocol.

A little later it became known that the attackers were able to capture more than fifty percent of the Bitcoin Gold hash network. This allowed hackers to gain control over the creation of blocks. Despite the fact that the current situation was temporary, this was enough to make the criminals enriched by BTG 388 201.92.

Representatives of Bitcoin Gold then explained that such a case could occur with any crypto currency that does not have sufficient protection. The developers decided to take measures in order to minimize the risks. In particular, they announced a hard-core, making the extraction of digital currencies by means of ASIC-mining unprofitable. To do this, experts will add new data to the network algorithm.

It is not yet reported when the update will be launched. However, it is already known that development is currently being tested.

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