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Bitcoin Gold was attacked

The attacker was able to enrich himself on 388 201.92 BTG.

25.May.18 7:37 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Bitcoin Gold was attacked
Representatives of the Bitcoin Gold network reported an attack, during which the attackers could enrich themselves for a large sum - 388 201.92 BTG. As it became known, cyber-criminals used the vulnerability of the network to assign a digital currency.

Thus, hackers captured more than fifty percent of the hash of the network, gaining temporary control over the creation of Bitcoin Gold blocks. Monetizing such actions is possible only by double spending transactions. Therefore, attackers first sent BTG to the crypto-exchange, and after some time a competing transaction was transferred to their wallet. Thus, after gaining control over the mining, the attacking network replaced the last blocks and canceled the original operation. Such manipulations allowed cyber criminals to accumulate on a separate address digital money corresponding to 18 million dollars.

Bitcoin Gold has already been told that similar attacks can be made on any virtual currencies that do not have sufficient protection. According to them, the cause of vulnerability lies, among other things, in certain shortcomings of the technology of the blockade. Also, developers noted that ordinary users of BTG do not take risks at all unlike crypto-exchange exchanges.

Earlier we talked about the attack on the Verge crypto currency protocol.

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