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Bitcoin dropped below $ 5,000

This is the biggest sale since mid-July.

03.Sep.17 11:23 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Bitcoin dropped below $ 5,000

At the time of printing, the total cost of all publicly traded crypto conversions was $ 166 billion, which is 7 percent less than on Friday, about $ 180 billion.

It was then that bitcoin, increasing technical improvements and growing optimism of investors, for the first time exceeded $ 5,000 at the price index for Bitcoin CoinDesk.
The decline was similar to that observed at bitcoin, with average world prices declining from a maximum of $ 5,013.91 to a minimum of $ 4,619.97, which is more than $ 250.

In general, it was the biggest sale in the crypto-currency markets since July 15, when the total value of the asset class fell by about 12 percent from $ 72 to $ 63 billion. However, this decline was part of a multi-day sale, which resulted in prices falling by more than 25 percent on what was then associated with the bitcoin’s technical roadmap.

During the press, market observers seem to have split into how to read the movement in the market.

In comments to CoinDesk, some said that it may be too early to say that the market has reached its peak, given the recent growth dynamics in institutional interest and the final nature of the new creation of the crypto currency.

In the last paragraph, some have gone so far as to suggest that a decline could be a "bear trap," which quickly opens the door to increase profits.

Others pointed to a decline in July and May as evidence that the market still fell back, even during its rally in 2017, and that further decline is possible.

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