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Bill Gates called bitcoin one of the most speculative things in the world

The billionaire changed his attitude to the crypto currency.

07.May.18 11:51 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Bill Gates called bitcoin one of the most speculative things in the world
The growing popularity of virtual money does not leave indifferent neither the experts of the financial market, nor politicians, nor ordinary citizens. At the same time, the attitude to crypto-currencies in the society varies very significantly: while some protect them, seeing in them a future, others are sharply criticized, predicting the same bitcoin as a quick collapse.

Billionaire Bill Gates, who previously talked about the most popular digital currency as a real breakthrough in the Internet payment market, today voiced a diametrically opposed opinion. He called the crypto currency one of the most speculative things. In the same way, he adheres to the ICO. According to him, investors should not count on the growth rate of bitcoin, since this is a "theory of a big fool." In fact, the new market does not produce anything, which means that people will hope for profit regardless of the quality of the securities: in the future they will simply resell the assets to someone else ("bigger fool"). This is exactly how speculative bubbles are growing, Bill Gates summed up.

Also, the billionaire added that if he had the opportunity to put against bitcoin, he would have used it.

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