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09.Nov.20 9:00 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo Biden team


Biden team launches transition web site
As of today, incoming president Joe Biden and incoming vice president Kamala Harris have a website and a Twitter account to share news about the transition period. For the next ten weeks, they'll be preparing for their arrival at the White House.

Biden made it clear in his speeches in the last few days that after his inauguration he wants to give priority, among other things, to combating the coronavirus, without (official) delays.

On there are four topics with which Biden wants to start work immediately: COVID-19, economic recovery, racial equality and climate change. Every subject is explained how Biden and Harris want to handle things. The Twitter account @Transition46 allows people to keep up to date.

Next week, a number of agency review teams will also be launched, consisting of staff members of the upcoming president and vice president. They will be informed of all ongoing cases in different departments. Biden also announces on Monday a team of scientists and experts that will make a detailed plan to help him control the coronavirus in the United States when he becomes president.

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