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Biden takes penultimate obstacle to the White House

There is no viable options to prevent Biden from presidency

14.Dec.20 10:15 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Biden takes penultimate obstacle to the White House
On Monday, the American electoral college meets to confirm Joe Biden's victory. This is almost the end of president Trump's desperate attempt to invalidate the election results. On Monday, the 538 members of the Electoral College vote on the candidate who won their state. In doing so, they confirm the victory of Democrat Joe Biden.

In the United States, citizens do not directly elect the president, but an electoral college appointed by the president. Biden had 302 electoral votes behind him, more than 270 needed to win. Trump lost the election with 232 electoral votes.

Then the Congress meets on January 6 to confirm the result, but that is just a formality.

Outgoing president Trump continues to claim that there has been massive fraud in the elections and that Biden's victory is not legitimate. For example, last weekend he published a noted commercial in which he called on his supporters to oppose their representatives. "The Americans deserve the truth," it sounds.

On Friday, the US Supreme Court rejected Trump's request to invalidate millions of votes. The Republicans wanted the results reversed in four Biden-won states.

Just before the election, Trump appointed conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett to court, probably hoping she'd listen to Trumps ' grievances. In vain: 'the Supreme Court has truly abandoned us', tweeted the president. Trumps justice minister William Barr also said that there was no evidence of voter fraud, which fueled speculation that he would have to leave before Biden was sworn in.

Last weekend, thousands of Trump's supporters came to the streets to protest the "stolen" elections. In Washington, members of the extreme right-wing Club, Proud Boys, went on a fistfight with Antifa.

The majority of the Republican Party continues to support Trump's desperate attempt to challenge the election result. For example, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has still not acknowledged Biden's victory.

Biden could still be barred from the White House by the Republicans if a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate reject the votes of voters from certain states. That is not going to happen, however, because the House is in the hands of the Democrats.

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