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Biden keeps grip on Senate, loses House of Representatives

Slim majority in Senate, it seems that it is all the victories for now

14.Nov.22 8:44 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
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Biden keeps grip on Senate, loses House of Representatives
With the victory of Democratic senator Catherine Cortez Masto in the state of Nevada, the majority in the US Senate remains in the hands of the Democrats. This means that President Joe Biden's party has achieved better results in the midterm elections than the party of an incumbent president usually does.

Cortez Masto defeated her Republican opponent Adam Laxalt in Nevada. The result in that state has not yet been ratified.

In the preliminary results, Cortez Masto has 48.8 percent of the vote, compared to 48.1 percent for Laxalt. The votes still to be counted can no longer undo Cortez Masto's lead, the AP news agency calculated.

After the result in Nevada, the counter in the Senate stands at 50 seats for the Democrats and 49 for the Republicans. On december 6, a second round will take place in the state of Georgia because the results there were too close together. If the Democrats also win in that state, the party could expand its majority to 51 seats.

Seat strengthens Democrats ' position with opposing party members

That seat strengthens the Democrats ' position in the event that a party ally interferes. This happened last year when Biden wanted to kick up the social system with the so-called Build Back Better proposal. That didn't happen because Democrat Joe Manchin voted against it.

If all fifty Democrats had voted for it, Biden's plan would have made it. In the event of a tie, Democratic vice president Kamala Harris has the final say.

So if Biden's party does not win in Georgia and the Republicans also get fifty seats, the Democrats will still retain control in the Senate until 2024.

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