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Best tips for losing weight

How to get rid of excess weight.

12.Apr.17 8:47 PM
By Abigail Richards


Best tips for losing weight
Almost every woman dreams of losing weight, but only a few can do it. According to well-known nutritionists, the main problem of losing weight is that they choose the wrong way to get rid of excess kilograms. If you believe the information WEIGHT LOSS and DIETS site to lose weight is simple enough, the main thing is to do everything right.

Wanting to lose weight you need to stop eating before bed. The last meal should be four hours before bedtime. If you go to bed at 20.00, then dinner is not later than 16.00, if at 21.00, then at 17.00

You also need to give up fatty foods. If you follow a diet, do not eat smoked and fat. The only product from fat that you can afford is vegetable oil in small quantities.

During the diet, you do not need to eat flour and sweet. And if there is a strong desire, you can use special diet breads. They contain a minimum of calories and are beneficial to the body. If you want a sweet, you can in moderate quantities have honey, dried fruits, black chocolate.

Particular attention should be given to the use of liquid. Dietitians advise drinking at least two liters of clean water, while the coffee should be discarded. During the diet, you can drink green and herbal teas without sugar.

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