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Belgian authorities came up with how to protect crypto investors from scammers

The government has created a separate website informing people about scams in the new market.

06.Jun.18 10:58 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


Belgian authorities came up with how to protect crypto investors from scammers
The authorities of a number of countries are extremely negative about crypto-currencies because they consider them unreliable. Also regulators point to the attractiveness of digital money for criminals who use them for money laundering and even terrorist financing. To prevent new uses of virtual currencies for criminal purposes, various measures are being taken: for example, Belgium has created a special website that will inform citizens about the signs of fraud in the crypto currency market.

The resource "Too Good to Be True" exists thanks to funding from the Federal State Economic Service of Belgium and the Financial Services and Markets Service. Anyone who visits this site will find out that crypto assets are very easy to create. For this reason, investors are encouraged to carefully study information about people behind a particular project. In particular, we are talking about participation in the ICO. Also, experts advise citizens to require issuers of tokens to provide the most detailed information about the start-up. According to the creators of the site, potential crypto investors should alert the initial offers of coins, in which the developers promise too impressive returns of capital.

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