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Belarus began to buy oil from Iran because of restrictions of supply from Russia

There is an agreement about 80 thousand tons.

27.Mar.17 2:53 AM
By Johnatan Toadlicker


Belarus began to buy oil from Iran because of restrictions of supply from Russia

Belarus received the first batch of oil from Iran, which is on the tanker was taken to the port of Odessa, and then through the territory of Ukraine will be delivered to the destination at the Mozyr refinery. The volume of the batch was 84 tons.

In total, according to representatives of official Minsk, Iran will provide about 80 thousand tons of black gold and raw materials to replace supplies from Russia. In February of this year the company "Beloyl" agreed all the details with Tehran.

After the restriction of oil supplies from Russia, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that his country will be able to find an alternative and will not tolerate pressure. In 2016 Belarus managed partially to replace the Russian raw materials of Azerbaijan, which was signed by the Socar. According to expert estimates, the country consumes about 8 million tons of oil.

Russia has restricted the export of "black gold" to Belarus due to an unresolved conflict in Gaza: in Minsk refused to acknowledge the debt, claiming that Moscow is incorrectly led pricing. For a year the parties are trying to find a compromise, but so far without success. As reported in the leadership of Russia, the neighboring country's debt for gas has already exceeded half a billion dollars. In Belarus say they are going to solve the issue in court.

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