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Became known the real cost of bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is very different from gold or official currency.

26.Dec.17 1:26 AM
By Abigail Richards


Became known the real cost of bitcoin
Became known the real cost of bitcoin. So, according to Morgan Stanley analysts, who conducted the similar research, they found out how justified the current price of bitcoin is 14 thousand dollars. writes this.

According to experts, the cryptocurrency is very different from gold or the official currency, since it has nothing to do with the interest rate. Analysts say that the cryptocurrency is more like a payment network, where there is no commission for transactions.

Also, it was said that the price of cryptocurrency is difficult to calculate using traditional means of economic analysis, while bitcoin itself can cost zero dollars, and its real "weight" is determined solely by the degree of demand for the settlement system.

According to James Fawcett, if no one uses the technology for payment, its value can well be equated to zero.

The study concluded that the average value of transactions in bitcoins in just a day is about three billion dollars. It is noteworthy that the volume of trading on the currency market exceeds five trillion.

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