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Became known the names of the second ten finalists of the contest "Eurovision 2016"

Left before the final two days.

13.May.16 2:35 PM
By Elena Tkachenko
Photo screenshot Yandex pictures


Became known the names of the second ten finalists of the contest "Eurovision 2016"
Yesterday, may 12, the names of the second ten finalists of the contest "Eurovision 2016". And, in the second semifinal of the international musical competition, in the final part were representatives from Latvia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Australia, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, Israel, Lithuania and Belgium.

These participants were the best of the best, they were selected on the basis of the jury vote. Under the terms of the contest, first announced the judges ' scores, and then in the final show will be announced the results of the audience voting. According to the organizers of the contest, this will keep the suspense when announcing the winner it will be interesting.

We will remind, in the first semifinal, which took place on Tuesday, may 10, were also selected ten artists. According to the results of the first semi-final, in the final of the competition included the singer Sergey Lazarev with the song "You Are The Only One" from the Russian Federation, and also representatives of Austria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Hungary, Cyprus, Malta, the Netherlands, Croatia and the Czech Republic.

Accordance with the 2011 rules, without participating in the semi-finals of the competition, the final automatically come from the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, as well as artist from the country-last year winner Sweden.

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