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BC Nizhny Novgorod Beat Lokomotiv in United League

This is another victory for BC “NN”.

18.Nov.14 11:12 AM
By Irina Sportkor


BC Nizhny Novgorod Beat Lokomotiv in United League
BC Nizhny Novgorod has won in a home match against Lokomotiv Kuban in another round of the United League. The final score was 71:60 (14:14, 14:13, 25:21, 18:12).

It was a great game for all Nizhny Novgorod players. They tried their best in order to get their 7th victory in a row. It was another evidence of the fact that BC “NN” is unstoppable in the United League. No one has been able to beat it yet. That is why Nizhny Novgorod team also takes the lead in the overall standings of the championship.

Kinsey, Rochestie, Timprkins, Hvostov and Parahovsky were the most effective players on the pitch.

However BC “NN” manager paid attention to a number of drawbacks of hot team in spite of their victory: “I can’t say that was an ideal match for us. However the game will be forgotten but not the result. I liked the way my players started this match. They played aggressively and were very concentrated in defense. But we still can’t play stable. There are still many things we should work on”.

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