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Basketball club CSKA won the Euroleague Cup

More than eight years, the army could not prove its superiority.

16.May.16 8:27 AM
By Anna Repina
Photo screenshot Yandex pictures


Basketball club CSKA won the Euroleague Cup
Last night was the winner of the Cup of Euroleague basketball. With a score of 101:96 victory went to the Moscow basketball club CSKA. They were winners in one of the most important competitions of Europe for the seventh time in its history. Silver went to the Turkish team Fenerbahce.

The final game in Berlin was held in a tight rhythm. So, the army, powerfully starting the game, already to the big break had a significant advantage in 20 points. However, by the end of the game the Turkish team showed their capabilities ahead at one point of CSKA. And only for a few seconds before the final whistle Moscow player, Victor Crunch well-aimed throw of the ball in the basket tied the score, thereby giving the team the opportunity to play in overtime. But in overtime, our athletes have done all the heavy lifting, beating Turkish basketball players on 5 points.

By the way last time CSKA became the champion of Euroleague only in 2008, however, each year players, representing the interests of our country out in the Final four, thereby demonstrating the strength and power of our team.

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