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Basic mnemonic techniques for remembering information

Memory is similar in its features as other muscles; it also needs training to be toned, like the body.

18.Sep.17 1:08 AM


Basic mnemonic techniques for remembering information

Mnemotechnicians are special methods of memorizing data that are based on the specifics of human psychology and the rules of memorization. The study and application of mnemonic techniques helps to assimilate better information of a different nature: figures, dates; specific texts; terminology; personal data; foreign vocabulary

The main principle of any mnemonic techniques is the substitution of abstract objects by those concepts that have a visual or sensory representation.

How does mnemotechnics work?

By the age of 18, millions of nerve cells and pathways form in the human brain, helping in the optimal timing to process incoming data, find solutions to problems, and perform standard actions with minimal expenditure of mental activity. However, if you constantly use only proven skills, the brain will stop developing. Therefore, a periodic shake-up for the brain is very important.

Memory is similar in its features as other muscles; it also needs training to be toned, like the body. If you do not, then in time it will start to fail. The more the brain is loaded, the better it analyzes and remembers the information. The most effective exercises violate the routine of mental activity and stimulate interest in self-improvement.

Mnemonics is known to mankind from antiquity. Already in ancient Greece, it was noted that memory is interconnected with the senses. And the more emotions a person receives in the process of life, the brighter memories will be. Therefore, during training on memorization, it is necessary to connect bright associations.

In order for the memory to store data for a long time, it is necessary to replace the facts with representations that have a kinetic, visual and auditory form. That is, replace the dry fact with a bright image.

Some methods for brain training are based on remembering image - picture. The latest achievements in the field of information technology are the responsible for their creation. You can easily get acquainted with them on our website by clicking on the link that is located at the end of the article.

Techniques of mnemonics are quite diverse, but each of them has specific criteria:

  • New - It does not matter which task you choose and how difficult it is – If it is new, then the benefit from it will be great. The main purpose of the reception is to leave the usual and ordinary zone.

  • Difficulty level – As tasks it is necessary to choose that exercise, which requires mental effort, and, therefore, gives knowledge. For example, you can learn a language or master a musical instrument.

  • Interest – The more a person is addicted to a new occupation, the higher the chance that this hobby will last. Remember that the level of complexity of training should be high, but not enough to recognize your incapacity. It is necessary to choose classes for increasing.

Techniques of mnemonics with regular training give an effective result. You can memorize all contacts from the phone book; easily understand the rules of the grammar of the English language, play out notes and much more.

Methods of remembering

All figures, dates and various events associated with them can be remembered with the help of associations with other significant figures or thanks to the Shed system. According to this approach, the dates from the history or the number of houses can be remembered if we compose a phrase consisting of words arranged in a certain order.

The letter in this word will correspond to a certain figure. For example, in order not to forget the number 896 through mnemonics, it is necessary to compose a phrase in which the first word will have strictly 8 letters, the second - consists of 9 and so on.
With specific texts that do not lend themselves to the usual methods of memorizing or memorizing, mnemonic techniques will also help.

This is the fact, especially when we consider the method of associations. The search for vivid associations that will be connected with the remembered information can become not only useful but also fascinating employment. Even the texts of such a plan can be learned in the form of rhymed lines, which also contribute to memorization. The same method can remember the numbers.

You can easily remember all terms and concepts, provided that you use techniques such as consonance. Many words from scientific terminology have consonant "analogs" in a simpler version of the language.

Some methods for brain training are based on remembering image-picture. The latest achievements in the field of information technology are the responsible for their creation. You can easily get acquainted with them on our website by clicking on the link that is located at the end of the article.

The problem with memorizing faces and names – What to do?

In order to memorize personal data about a new person and attach them to him, you can link him to another person who is a "namesake" (parents, acquaintances, friends, politicians, actors and other personalities). To remember the surname, you can use mnemonic techniques based on visual associations. Start by studying the possibility of replacing or collecting an analog of a new surname. In addition, you can help some remarkable feature of a person, which can be associated with the association.

The simplest of the mnemotechnical methods that will help to secure the desired name is a combination of these techniques:

  • Shows an interest in a person, mark his achievement or make a compliment, repeat the name again; associate the information with a particular person.

Methods of mnemonics in the study of languages

Take on the method of phonetic associations, which came about because in every language of the world you can find words or parts of phrases that will sound about the same. In addition, in different languages, you can find words that have a common origin.

For example, the word constantly (adverb, permanently) can be remembered, if you associate it with a similar word from the Russian language "constant". The method of interaction of different sensations is a mnemonic approach that will be useful to those who are focused on fluent speech and want to communicate in a foreign language.

Important: all cheat sheets should be created independently. Thus, information is better absorbed by the brain. But if there are problems with imagination or time, you can apply ready techniques and templates.

How to remember historical facts with the help of a mnemotechnician?

Everyone remembers how difficult it was to prepare for exams in history because remember all the given and the events is quite difficult. But this is only because you do not use mnemonic techniques to prepare for the texts. In this case, we propose to combine several techniques. The first thing to do is to realize that history is not only dry dates but a certain sequence of events. In order to remember them in the right order, it is necessary to compile an associative series.

After several pieces of training and compilation of successive associations, the history of any empire can be learned and reproduced quite easily. It's all about practice.

Mnemonics works

Most people, hardly having looked at the proposal to compose the aforementioned association, will not do this, consider it difficult. After all, to remember one date you need to come up with a story. Of course, this process at first seems laborious, because you need to strain the imagination, which is rarely used in everyday rhythm. However, after 2-3 such tasks, the exercise does not seem so complicated.

The chains of mnemonics work. And this is caused by the fact that memory does not store dry dates and facts, but images filled with emotions - retains for a long time. This is a scientifically proven fact. In ancient Egypt, the priests had secret knowledge about the science of imagery. They carefully guarded it against the usual population. Why was this important?

If you translate your attention from the outside to the inner and follow how thoughts are formed, you can see that in the head they appear in the form of an image, but not in the form of a digital series. If the word "king" is easily associated with an empire and a person applies this association, the information obtained will be easily remembered.

Each of the mnemonic techniques can be used to memorize any material or information. Different mnemonics constantly intersect, helping to achieve the highest result and memory training.

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