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Bashneft will be owned by the Government

Such measures have been ruled by the Moscow Court of Arbitration.

09.Dec.14 6:30 PM
By Svetlana Siuhina
Photo TASS


Bashneft will be owned by the Government
Bashneft Company will once again become governmental property in accordance with decision made by Moscow Court of Arbitration on the 8th of December. 71.8% of all shares will be owed by the government. This company is considered to be one of the largest actives of “System” Financial and Industrial Group.

It should be noted that Vladimir Yevtushenko was accused of money laundering on the 16th of September 2014 while purchasing enterprises which belonged to Bashkiria Technical and Energetic Complex. This complex was managed by Ural Rahimov who is the son of the ex-president of Bashkiria Murtaza Rahimov. Since that time Yevtushenko has been in jail.

“The arrest of Yevtushenko has a very negative influence on the whole operation of Bashneft. This is not surprising. On the other hand it is not as negative as it may seem speaking about business. Some of our partners have become more careful. Well, there is nothing to judge them for. They try to evaluate potential risks. This is their right”, - said the President of the company in his interview to Forbes.

He also shared his hope that Bashneft will remain and independent company as oil market needs lots of proper participants.

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