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Investment giant Fidelity will create its crypto exchange

Fidelity Investments is looking for developers to create a crypto exchange.

07.Jun.18 11:48 PM
By John M Jeffcoat


Investment giant Fidelity will create its crypto exchange
It became known that the global investment giant - Fidelity Investments Corporation has posted ads on finding highly professional specialists for the development of its trading platform. The investment company Fidelity Investments, which is one of the leaders of the world investment, has in its management funds worth 2.5 trillion dollars, is now testing itself in a new capacity and announces its intention to launch a crypto exchange.

At the moment, the company's management is engaged in the selection of personnel; namely, the corporation needs a system engineer DevOps to create a project for the future site, and the company is looking for a person who would deal with the issues of crypto-currency exchange repositories.

Fidelity, under the condition of the successful launch of the crypto-exchange, intends to compete with such famous and well-known world leaders of the cryptocurrency market as Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex and the largest broker-company Robinhood.

According to experts, the emergence of such a player as Fidelity Investments on the world's cryptocurrency arena will not only promote competition, but also improve the quality of service provided to traders by crypto-exchanges, but will also help complete the integration of the cryptocurrency market with the traditional financial sphere, which is inevitable.

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