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Bank Worker from Nizhny Novgorod stole Depositor’ Money

The crook stole money from pensioners.

24.Dec.14 12:58 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Bank Worker from Nizhny Novgorod stole Depositor’ Money
A woman from Nizhny Novgorod who worked as a cashier in SBERBANK was accused of stealing money from depositors. The information has been officially provided by “Criminal Chronicles”.

In accordance with this information 23-year old woman has been stealing money from depositors starting from 27th of December 2012 till 6th of July 2013. The money belonged to clients of the bank. This employee shoe pensioners who haven’t made any operations with their accounts for a long time. Then she made orders which contained personal data of the customer, faked signature and received money using fake documents. The overall sum of stolen money is about 1 650 000 rubles.

After such criminal actions have been revealed by the investigation committee, bank made the full refund to all clients that suffered from this fraud. At the same time woman has already made confession. She will provide bank with complete compensation of financial damage.

She was sentenced to three years imprisonment suspended with three year trial.

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