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Balakhna Pulp and Paper Mill increased Price on it Products

JSC Volga purchases the majority of equipment and materials abroad.

12.Mar.15 7:48 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


Balakhna Pulp and Paper Mill increased Price on it Products
JSC Volga is the largest pulp and paper mill in Russian Federation. Its representatives have officially announced about the fact that they are planning to increase price of their products by 6-15%. The main reason is price increase of cellulose.

According to media office of the enterprise Board of Directors was forced to take such measures due to economic situation in the country. At the same time they note that total price increase will be from 6% to 15% depending on thickness of paper. It is also due to the fact that cellulose production cost is 25-30%. In addition major part of equipment and materials is bought from foreign suppliers.

It is also noted that spare parts and other necessary components for pulp and paper mills are also supplied from abroad as well as chemical compounds and substances which are necessary for the process. Starting from the beginning of 2015 the price growth is rather rapid. It also includes transporting services which include auto and railway charters.

Head Director of JSC Volga Dmitry Donchenko reminded of the fact that the last time when they decided to increase price was February 2014.

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