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Baku will host the summit of "South gas corridor"

In the initial stage "SGC" will be pumped the gas produced in the Azerbaijan mineral deposits.

26.Feb.17 11:49 PM
By Nikolai Vinogradov


Baku will host the summit of "South gas corridor"
The problem of "southern gas corridor" will be discussed at a meeting of representatives from different countries of the World, February 23 in Baku. To the meeting and invited members of Russian agencies, officials of Georgia, representatives of the Turkish government, Bulgaria, Albania, diplomats from Greece and Italy and other countries.

For the first time questions "SGC" was discussed at the meeting held in 2015 year, the next meeting on transportation of minerals organized in 2016-m to year. The project alignment involves the movement of Azerbaijani gas, which will pass through the territory of Georgia, crosses Turkey and reach of the sector in Europe.

In the initial stage "SGC" will be pumped the gas produced in the territories of the gas potential of Azerbaijan. In the future this project will be attached, and other useful fields.

The preparations for the summit representatives from different countries is fully completed. It should be noted that the meeting will also be attended by the representatives of the European Commission, diplomats from the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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